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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tighter Federal Rules, New Fees for Drilling, New Government Bureaucracy

The Economy in shambles. Record High Unemployment, Foreclosures, and Oil Prices going up. What do we need? According to Obama's Oil Spill Commission, MORE GOVERNMENT.

Hey folks,

Notice the Oil Prices? Have ya? I bet you've noticed the price at the Pump. We already discussed the pointless Moratorium. It's not making us safer, cleaner, nor more Independent. Other continue to Drill unabated by anything Obama and this Administration says. They are NOT American Companies, and do not have to listen to anything this Administration says or does. The only ones NOT Drilling is us.

So now that many have been driven out, and Obama says "No new Drilling for {a fictitious} seven years," taking American Jobs and resources with them, after sluggish Permit process has been put into place, AFTER we are starting to see the effects at the Pumps, and AFTER more and more rhetoric, what is the Solution for those that have stayed behind? Tighter Federal Rules, new fees for Drilling, and MORE Government Bureaucracy.

Look, we all know that the Price at the Pump, is based on Supply and Demand. As we have discussed many times. We are not going to be adding to that Supply. The World knows this. We are however, helping to add to the Demand. Those hit the hardest are the Poor and Middle Class. Those on a Fixed Income. When the price of Fuel goes up, so does the price of everything else.

So According to The Washington Post - Oil spill panel calls for tighter federal rules, new fees for drilling By Juliet Eilperin and David S. Hilzenrath
The presidential oil spill commission said Tuesday that the federal government should require tougher regulation, stiffer fines and a new industry-run safety organization, recommendations that face an uncertain future in the new Congress.
Yeah, I hope it all DIES in the New Congress. But this is the answer for those on the Left. More Government. More Government interference, oppression of Freedom, and THEFT of both property and profit. According to this Obama hand picked group:
The panel proposed several safeguards aimed at strengthening regulators’ control over the oil and gas industry, including establishing an independent safety agency within the Interior Department that would be headed by someone for a fixed term in order to insulate the appointee from political interference. Graham said such a person should have “a background of both science and management.”
A fixed term means three things. One, the Administration can wave off ANY responsibility, and or blame. "Hey they did it not us." Two, the person can not be fired easily. Even if a NEW Administration gets Voted in, it will be difficult to get this person out. Three, ONLY the person appointing them, have a say on who they are. No elections, no consequences for the Choice. No Debate. Just Bam! Here they are.
It also called for funding the regulatory agency that oversees offshore drilling, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), with fees from the companies who are tapping into the nation’s petroleum resource.
Yeah, good luck with that one. Not to mention this is a sad statement in of itself. "with fees from the companies who are tapping into the nation’s petroleum resource," Too bad it's not AMERICAN Companies tapping into AMERICAN Resources. As far as hitting foreign companies with new fees and "regulations?" They really will not do much. We are not going to get our own, which means we have to rely on OTHERS for our Energy needs. Not to mention also, they really do not care what the OTHER Countries Companies do. They really don't. If one of them have a Spill, we just blame THEM. Not Government's fault. They were not following our Rules. Meanwhile they will reap the benefits from them Drilling. While talking about chasing the "Green Dream" here.

I agree whole heartily with Karen Harbert of the U.S. Chamber who said this.
“It is now time for our government to let these companies get back to work and supply our nation with needed energy, jobs and revenue. There is no valid reason to continue the delay.”
I don't know. Logic, commonsense, and reason. I do not have too much faith that this Administration will follow her advice.

The Washington Post - Oil spill panel calls for tighter federal rules, new fees for drilling

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