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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fret Not Medical Tourism Industry, Obamacare Will Make You Rich

There are so many things wrong with this article.

Hey folks,

Seems they left some stuff out. It seems that they are trying to say that Obamacare will save us from having to go overseas to seek out affordable Healthcare. Yes you must leave the country to seek out Healthcare that your EVIL over price Insurance Companies Deny you for. Millions of people do this every year. But not now. No. Thanks to Obama, you will receive the same care here.

Problem is, there is no mass exodus to other Countries for Healthcare. There are not Millions. No. Not even 500,000. There were documented, 13,500 U.S. Patients for Care Overseas. 13,500. That's it? Now the question is why?

Just off the top of my head, I can think of three. One, Alternative Medicine. After going to American Physicians, being told "we're sorry, but there is nothing we can do," they seek out Alternatives. In many other countries, there are Alternatives. Most of which are not approved in America.

Second, NEW Drugs and Trial Treatments. Again, many of which are YEARS from being approved in the US.

Third, yes, the cost. However, you must be weary. Sometimes it costs less, because it IS substandard methods.

Now as this piece points out..

The international travel of wealthy patients from poor countries to prestigious U.S. medical centers is well known.
Even from those Countries that the Liberals want to emulate. So we have Wealthy Foreigners coming here, yet only 13,500 US Citizens going elsewhere.

But fret not Medical Tourism Industry, Obacare will make you rich. It will make it impossible for some to get treatment here. They will go elsewhere. So hang in there. Obamacare is on it's way. Unless of course the NEW House does what the People want, and Repeal or defund Obamacare, that is. The best Healthcare system will be destroyed, leaving second best an attractive offer.

Reuters - Few Americans travel overseas for medical care

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