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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Government Solutions Vs The American Spirit

There is NO comparison.

Hey folks,

Now I'm not sure what you think of the concept. I'm not sure if you like what they are doing or not. I know this is not going to make the big news, but this is a GREAT comparison of the American Spirit verses Government Solutions.

Lets see.

Government, 1 - halts Skimmers in the Gulf to look for Life Vests.
2- will not allow foreign ships to come and help.
3- NOW will, uh, some, but not until they pass some tests.
4- spends money it does not have.

OK, number four, pretty much sums up Government. It always spends money it does not have. They do not have it until they take it from YOU.

The American Spirit, 1 - creates inventive ways to clean up the spill. Even if they barely stay afloat. They are actually more concerned with CLEANING UP THE OIL.
2- will accept help from ANYONE that can help.
3- does not care about getting credit. They are actually more concerned with CLEANING UP THE OIL.
4- has to FIND the money they do not have, to then USE the money they HAVE.

Here is an interesting story. From NBC Miami - South Florida Brothers Selling Oil Spill Souvenirs "Oil Spill Water" raises money and awareness for the Gulf disaster By ADAM KUPERSTEIN

Jeffrey and David Shiffman have turned their bathroom into a pseudo chemistry lab. The two brothers from Ft. Lauderdale are trying to support relief efforts in the Gulf, by bottling and selling "Oil Spill Water."

"Some people are like, 'who really wants that?'" said Jeffrey Shiffman. "Well, we don't really know who wants it."

But they're about to find out. A two ounce bottle goes for $9.99 on It's real oil and real ocean water, just not from the Gulf. It's a "simulation" of the spill.

At first, they were using samples of crude oil from the Gulf, but shipping was expensive. And since all profits go to three organizations dedicated to cleaning up the gulf, they decided to switch to used motor oil.
"See it's not even real" Yeah I'm sure all those out there trying to clean up the spill wants two guys floating around trying to collect enough to sell. It's a SYMBOL. You can buy this SYMBOL and know that money is actually GOING to help clean up the spill.

"A lot of people are saying, 'cool, but I don't know if I'd buy it,'" said Jeffrey. "But we really want to strike home that this is a donation to help the environment."

So what exactly do you do with a bottle of "oil spill water"? The Shiffman brothers hope that it'll be a novelty item or a conversation piece.

"We want people to keep talking about it and to donate to these organizations," said David.

Five dollars from every bottle sold goes to covering costs, the other five gets split between Reef Relief, The International Fund for Animal Welfare, and The International Bird Research Center.
"OK Pete. First these are Environuts as you call them. Second, they are keeping half the money. So they are just in this to make money. Why are you singing these guys praises?"

I LOVE the idea. I love the creative nature of this. When did making a buck through creative means, as long as it is legal, become evil? Seriously. Besides, buy a quart of oil lately? Stuff it not cheap. {Smile}I have also said I DO care about the Environment. I care that the World is a better and cleaner place than before I arrived on it. And it IS. Our clean standards are no where near as lacks as they were in the 50s 60s and 70s. We are making strives toward a cleaner planet. I have no problem with that.

When you stop being reasonable, and start putting the rare purple field mouse over PEOPLE, talking about a "Chirica" Plan for Population Control, to save the planet and money, or when you start trying to SCAM people into thinking that just them being here BREATHING is killing the planet,{Just so YOU can gain power, and control over their lives and STEAL their money} sorry, you have crossed into Kookville. You have officially joined the Environut crowd.

But these guys? This is a GREAT example of seeing a need, yes, the Oil Spill is a BAD thing, that no one exempt maybe Obama wants to last any longer than it must, and finding a creative way to help out. No red tape. No government reviews. No debates of the impact. Just a simple, creative plan, that will either work or not.

Do you really think that Moon Sand is from the Moon? Or that piece of UFO from the Area 51 Gift Shop is REALLY from a UFO? Of course not. They ARE conversation pieces. They are something that people buy because they want to. In this case, you will be actually HELPING a great cause.

Kudos to Jeffrey and David Shiffman. Great Job. If you guys make a buck or two in the process, Kudos again. Keep up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

I bought one botle about a month ago. Today I got an e-mail from asking me to contact them inmediately if I have not gotten a refund yet and that those guys are under investigation. Hmmm...