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Friday, April 17, 2009

What Happened To True Americans, and the American Spirit?

"You really should post this. Maybe even elaborate on it a little more."

Hey folks,

OK. I'll be honest. This is technically not from the Email. But it was pointed out to me by SG who really thought that it would be worth while for me to post it here. So, since I have had some feed back on this via the Emails, I decided to go ahead and post it here.

I was debating someone over at, when I just got fed up with the whole Liberal Mindset of how great this false Utopia of Socialism is in their mind. Let me elaborate on my original point.

What happened to those faithful days when we broke from the chains of tyranny, came to this Continent and set up our own Government. Whatever happened to "We the People"? A Government by the people, FOR the people? We over came the odds, bloodshed, Civil Wars, World Wars, and every threat to our "Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave." We WERE Americans, and the American Spirit would not die.

Well, from the best I can tell, we got lazy. "The New Deal" started us down a road of "what can the Government do for me?" The Government must protect me, feed me, care for me, and the Government must make it so that I can have what others have worked for, if I work for it or not.

Whatever happened to "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country."

Some here in this country, so many years later, are now asking "who can I trust?" The Left or the Right? One set of Politicians or the other. "Why do I keep electing these people that tell me one thing, yet get into power and do the opposite? Who can I trust?" Well, how about trusting in yourself. Believe it or not, you ARE responsible for your own life. As long as we are still a free country, YOU are responsible for:

Your job.
Your Home.
Your Family.
Your Wealth.
Your Healthcare.
Your lifestyle.

YOU are responsible for YOUR American Dream. The pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

It amazes me also that you can meet immigrant after immigrant, that has come here with nothing, most fleeing a Socialist or Totalitarian system, pursue and acquire the American Dream. Actually make something of themselves. While we have Americans that want the Government to give it all to them. They want this American Dream handed out and stamped with approval by the US Government.

Now we have a President, and Congress that LOVES these Socialistic and Tyrannical Systems, because THEY get to have all the power, and Americans want to applaud their efforts. They want to see us go down the same road. Give up personal responsibility, and accept Government reliance and control over their own personal lives. However, when you do this, you also give up your freedom.

Yes, from early education on, we are taught that the Government is there for us. That they will meet our needs. Do not worry about anything. We all must be on level playing fields. We all must be able to have whatever anyone else has.

Our kids, all the way up to adulthood, have now been trained to rely on Government to fix anything wrong in our lives. To ensure that we all get a piece of the pie. To make things "fair." We, as adults, can only teach our kids what we know. Generation after generation, we get further and further away from the American Spirit and closer and closer to accepting the American Nightmare.

With every ounce we give the Government, the Government takes a pound. We are appearing to come full circle. From tyranny to freedom, from freedom back to tyranny. With every generation, our ignorance of the past grows. Out of this absolute ignorance, comes those that seek power and control, and their ability to acquire that of which they seek.

It truly is sad, the cost of ignorance.

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samspade said...

Sad indeed when you have to debate those same individuals over at ETP who refuse to listen to any reason and for a long time refused to even acknowledge they were democrats but their true colors came out over time and they are in a full blown vocal in support of their messiah and any who disagrees with them are excoriated for it even those of their own party.