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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Job Promotions Unhealthy For You

Be A Grunt. Be Happy

Hey folks,

I love this one. I know it's Easter, family and friends gathered around and we do not want to think about the economy. I get that. I also know, a lot of people are being DEMOTED and are flat out losing their jobs.

I also know that people like Hillary, and some of the other Libs out there think that College is a waste of time. Even Obama has said that we need more Trade School students and those trained to serve the community. Michele Obama was telling women to forget the Ivory League stuff.

But hey, I have great news for you folks out there. Turns out, according to Live Science - Job Promotions Unhealthy, Study Finds. So if you want the path to happiness in the work place. Be a grunt. Be happy.

By Robert Roy Britt
Editorial Director – Thu Apr 9, 1:21 pm ET

While some 13 million Americans are out of work these days, those still with jobs might have a strange new thing to worry about - getting a promotion can be bad for you, a new study suggests.

And you though I was making this up. {Smile}

British researchers found that when people get promoted, they suffer on average about 10 percent more mental strain and are less likely to find the time to go to the doctor.

{Laughing} Yeah responsibility SUCKS!

"Getting a promotion at work is not as great as many people think. Our research finds that the mental health of managers typically deteriorates after a job promotion, and in a way that goes beyond merely a short-term change," said Chris Boyce of the University of Warwick. "There are no indications of any health improvements for promoted people other than reduced attendance at GP surgeries [i.e. doctors visits], which may itself be something to worry about rather than celebrate."

Other research has found stress can be deadly, raising the risk of everything from the common cold to cancer. Other recent revelations about stress:

Stress makes us forget things.

Happily married women suffer less stress.

Job stress in particular has been shown to fuel disease.

Those who were promoted reported on average a 20 percent fall in their visits to a doctor following their promotion. The researchers figure this owed to the stress of the new job and the sudden lack of time.

So your evil and sick Bosses out there, might actually BE sick. Because they are a Boss, and they have no time to go to the Doctor. {Smile}

The research, using data from an annual survey of Brits, included information about about 1,000 people who had been promoted. The findings will be presented later this month at a conference of the Royal Economic Society.

So there you have it folks. Be happy. Be a Grunt. Do not strive to be the best you can be. Do not strive to get ahead. Be content. Enjoy your job. Let your Boss be the sick one. It is NOT good to be the Boss. Just be content and know your role. Better yet, if you really want to be happy, serve others. Get trained on how to serve those in power. They you will be in a Utopia.

{Sigh} Be right back.

Live Science - Job Promotions Unhealthy, Study Finds

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