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Monday, April 13, 2009

Off Shore Drilling Debate

We need to wake people up.

Hey folks,

You know that I am an fierce supporter of our Energy Independence. I have been advocating our need to Drill Here and Drill Now for a while now, and I have been telling you who it is standing in the way. Well, on Friday, our friend Jane over at API sent me an Email with some updated information and a way for you to become even more involved. I really do not have much to add so here it is. We'll start with part of the Email Jane sent me.

As you know, the Minerals Management Service issued its Five-Year Plan in January calling for more offshore oil and natural drilling. Despite the fact that 53% of the already submitted public comments supported increased drilling, Sec. Salazar delayed the plan’s implementation, directed Interior Department scientists to produce new reports on how much oil and gas might be found off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and extended the public comment period to September. He also scheduled four regional public hearings this month (in Atlantic City, NJ; New Orleans; Anchorage and San Francisco) to gauge Americans’ perspective on increased offshore drilling.

It’s important to note, however, that no one has to attend a hearing to submit a supportive comment. In fact, you and your readers can instead submit comments to MMS electronically.
This link will direct you to a page on our Web site where you can click-through to comment. In addition, the page has several resources for bloggers, including a blog badge and an interactive widget that will allow you to identify your Congressional representatives, find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or simply send them an e-mail. The widget is very cool and the first of its kind. Try it out, and if you like it, please feel free to embed it in your blog.

Well I did check it out, and I agree that if you care at all about the prices of your energy use, you WILL take time out to check it out yourself. I'll even save you the trouble of clicking the link.

America needs a comprehensive energy policy that includes energy from all sources. However, a pattern seems to be emerging when it comes to developing America’s offshore oil and natural gas resources—delay. Now, more than ever, we cannot afford to delay.

A majority of
Americans support domestic access. It is time to start listening to the wisdom of the American people and create energy policy that would allow increased access to our own resources and generate nearly 160,000 new, well-paying jobs, $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state and local governments and greater energy security.

Right now, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is convening
regional hearings to gather public input on this issue.

Let your voice be heard and tell Congress and MMS to put America’s energy to work for Americans.

Contact Congress and MMS

Use the widget below to speak up—via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, official Web site, or e-mail—and show your support for increasing access to America’s own energy resources.

Tell Others Where You Stand
On Twitter...

Tweet your support! (E.g. - Congress: #tellmms 2 give more access 2 domestic oil & natural gas resources 2 create jobs & #energy security.

Use #energy and #tellmms to join the conversation on Twitter.
@EnergyTomorrow on Twitter to stay informed on the latest domestic access updates.

On Your Blog...
Show your support by embedding this blog badge on your site
Blog Badge

What is MMS, and why do I need to contact them?

According to the
bureau’s Web site:

“The Minerals Management Service (MMS), a bureau in the U.S. Department of the Interior, is the Federal agency that manages the nation's natural gas, oil and other mineral resources on the outer continental shelf (OCS). The agency also collects, accounts for and disburses more than $8 billion per year in revenues from Federal offshore mineral leases and from onshore mineral leases on Federal and Indian lands.”

It is critical that both the federal MMS and members of Congress hear from you in support of the new five-year leasing program that will expand our nation’s access to the resource-rich OCS.

Use the interactive tool above (or go directly to the Partnership for America’s Energy Security site) to send an e-mail to MMS telling it to move forward with its plan to open 31 new leases for oil and natural gas exploration.

To learn more:

Explore the
Interactive Leasing Timeline to get a better understanding of the MMS leasing process.

Visit this page that offers more insight into the MMS
Five-Year Plan.

How much oil and natural gas is actually out there? How much of it is off limits?

According to federal government data, the U.S. has enough oil and natural gas to fuel more than 65 million cars for 60 years and enough natural gas to heat 60 million homes for 160 years. In fact, the U.S. government estimates that there are 30 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable oil on federal lands currently closed to development.

To learn more:
Read this page filled with
key facts about domestic access.
Pour through this
comprehensive primer on access.
Take a closer look at this study about
untapped U.S. oil and natural gas resources.
Try out the interactive
Access Counter to see what America is using – or not using – when it comes to oil and natural gas.

We MUST fight this. We MUST come together with this, and the "Tea Party Movement," and start letting these people in Congress and the White House know that the majority of Americans are NOT willing to allow those in power to turn this country into the new USSA. That we want our Freedom. We want our Rights. We want The Constitution to be upheld and not trampled upon or ignored. You know, as a side note, isn't it funny that these are the same people that went ballistic over Bush spying on foreign communications? Yet, they are now saying it's OK for Obama and Crew to take over Private Industries, controlling what employees make, {Unless it's Fannie and Freddie, that's OK} set Oppressive Taxes, Control the Auto industries, and go around dictating to the world what THEY can and can't do. These are the same people that have no problem with the Government standing in to way of our Energy Independence. They are even starting to applaud Obama and Crew's new plan of Amnesty. {Sigh}

Congress and the White House are out of control. They are ignoring "The People." for the sake of a few Kooks that want Socialism. I encourage those of you that have Blogs yourself, to go ahead and post on this including the links for YOUR readers to check out and participate in. I hope we can get through to some of these Obamaid Drinkers and WAKE THEM UP, before it truly is too late.


Energy Tomorrow

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