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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Innocent Civilians Dead By US Strike, Outrage Missing

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Hey folks,

Did you catch this? If you were a True OPNer and check in every day you would have. In the Google Breaking News section, top right, there was this Headline yesterday.

Reuters - US drone fires missile in Pakistan, 13 dead By Alamgir Bitani

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, April 4 (Reuters) - A pilotless U.S. drone aircraft fired a missile in northwest Pakistan on Saturday, killing 13 people including some foreign militants, security officials and residents said.

How many of them were innocent civilians? If this were Bush, This would be front page in every paper. On all the News Networks. We would be hearing how 35 U.S. strikes have killed about 350 people in Pakistan. We would know who these people were, where they lived, the families they left, and how this is just evil and Bush needs to be stopped.

Forget that some of these people were mid-level al Qaeda members, and some foreign militants, INNOCENT PEOPLE DIED. Then you have this.

Hours later, Pakistani Taliban militant leader Baitullah Mehsud claimed responsibility for a shooting at a U.S. immigration centre in New York in which a gunman killed 13 people, saying it was revenge for U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan.

Now my first reaction was this. "The guy is a Kook" The Binghamton shooting, which you would have also seen the Breaking News about Friday night, if you checked in every day,{Smile} was done by just a kook that was disgruntled about life. But then again? 13 for 13? Maybe this is NOT something to dismiss so fast. Maybe a test? But that can't be. People are suppose to love Obama and bow to his new reign here in the US.

All well. I guess since Obama is now in charge of keeping America safe, a few innocents is just the cost of business. Bush? It would have been portrayed as genocide, but Obama, Shhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone.

Anyway, coming right up today.

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IWA for Sunday 040509

Here is something else that Obama needs to be watching to keep America safe. Looks like they did it. North Korea launched their rocket we have been watching. According to BBC News - North Korea 'has launched rocket'

North Korea appears to have launched a rocket, despite international appeals not to go ahead.

Officials from Japan, South Korea and the US confirmed lift-off at 0230 GMT. The rocket appeared to have passed over Japan to the Pacific, Tokyo said.

North Korea says it is sending a satellite into orbit, but its neighbours suspect the launch could be a cover for a long-range missile test.

They say it violates UN resolutions and have warned of consequences.

"A short time ago a flying object appeared to have been launched from North Korea," the Japanese government statement said.

The US State Department and South Korea's presidential office also confirmed a launch.

Japan did not try to intercept it, as it had indicated that it would if its territory was threatened, it said in a statement.

The US called the launch "provocative" and the Japanese government described it as "regrettable".

Yes it is. So what do you think Obama will do about it? We will have to wait and see. So go get your morning Go Go Juice, mine today is Don Francisco's Hawaiian Hazelnut, Be right back.

Reuters - US drone fires missile in Pakistan, 13 dead
BBC News - North Korea 'has launched rocket'


irishgodfather said...

Well the damn thing didn't achieve orbit.
Today North Korea is not only a rouge country but also a embarrassed rouge country.

samspade said...

I had already discovered that those who castigated Bush for killing innocent civilians somehow now thought that now that Obama is president that all those "atrocities" are now just effects of war and now are irrelevant.

The hypocrisy could not be any more damaging to those who claimed they valued human life and it all boiled down to partisan politics.

Peter said...

Hey Irishgodfather,

It's a good thing that it didn't Shows we still have some time left to wait for them to prefect it. We know Obama will not do anything about it. We have to hope they fail on their own.

Peter said...

Hey Sam,

The GREAT Obama, his Majesty, can do nothing wrong. Call him King, Emperor {as some are starting to call him in other countries} or the False Messiah, Obama is NO PRESIDENT. He holds the title, but he couldn't care less about it.

He does not like nor respect the Constitution. He does not respect Private Rights. He does not care that those in the World that want us dead, are speeding up their quests.

I guess that maybe he feels that if we become as they are, they will love us. Perhaps he is just ignorant. Perhaps his agenda is even darker than we think. What ever the truth is, this much is DEFINITE, HE IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY EVER!
He needs to be stopped.

We need to get some balance in Government in 2010. We need to slow down the freight train.