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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tea Parties Growing

Where can I find one in my area?

Hey folks,

I know most of YOU know all about this. If you do not, then you have been listening to the Mainstream Media that have purposely failed to say word one about them. Why? We are talking estimates of anywhere between "Several hundred" to "over a Thousand" all across America. Thousands of Americans coming together to protest Obama and the Liberal Kooks that are attempting to remake this country into one of their own image.

Of course you will not hear about these in the Mainstream Media. It does not fit the agenda. It does not play into the false polls you have seen where Obama has an 80 plus percent approval rating. That he is loved and adored, and his Socialistic Agenda is welcomed by most Americans.

So what is all this about? Where can you find one in your area?

One week from today, {Yesterday} on April 15, 2009, several hundred protests will take place simultaneously across the United States against the massive government spending, higher taxes, government bailouts, government takeovers of whole sectors of the economy, and quasi-socialistic policies of the Democratic Congress and Barack Obama's administration.

Next Wednesday Americans say "Enough is Enough" -- we urge you to join one of these Tax Day Tea Parties (fashioned after the historic Boston Tea Party of 1773). Your first step is to find the Tea Party closest to you -

You can also find more information on local tea parties being organized in your area by speaking to a local organizer -

Now no one person is really responsible for starting this. This is NOT a Conservative Leadership movement. This is real folks. THIS is grass roots at its finest. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, even some Liberals, will be there. Oh, there will be special guests at some of these. Rush said he was not going, because he does not want to make it about him, but others are going to be there.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA RALLY (STATE CAPITOL 12:00 Noon): Neil Cavuto (Fox News), Mark Williams (Radio Host, Our Country Deserves Better PAC) and Lloyd Marcus (American Tea Party Anthem). More information - HERE.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA RALLY (STATE CAPITOL 6:00PM): Sean Hannity of Fox News. More information - HERE.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS RALLY (ALAMO PLAZA 6:00PM): Glenn Beck of Fox News. More information - HERE.

NEW YORK, NY RALLY (CITY HALL PARK 7:00PM): Newt Gingrich of American Solutions. More information - HERE.

We here at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee (one of the largest conservative political action committees in America) would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for stepping up and playing an important role in the success of the Tea Party movement:

Michelle Malkin
American Solutions
Smart Girl Politics
Top Conservatives on Twitter
Don't Go Movement
Pajamas TV

Am I going to one of these? Unfortuanetly, no. I have plans I cannot avoid on the 15th. However, I will be there in Spirit. You know I have been warning you folks about all this. I told you this was coming TWO YEARS before it started. Now, more and more people are starting to wake up. About time. This all should be interesting to watch, and to see how much, if any of it, is reported.

What will most likely happen, is that the Mainstream Media will find the one, or handful of kooks, possible property damage or some kind of clash with Police somewhere, and they will report THAT. They will attempt to portray that as what the whole thing is about. However, you know better. What this is about is the fact that America, and true Americans, are not willing to lay down and allow this country to be destroyed from the inside. This is just the start of it folks. The Movement is growing.

Imagine if this was a handful of Kooks protesting Bush? You would know when, where, who, the numbers would be estimated high, and it would be glorified as true American Freedom on display. But since this is people against the False Messiah, the MMD {Mainstream Media Drones} remain silent.

But that is OK. There is too many of you to ignore much longer. There is more of you everyday. This is your opportunity to be not only heard, but seen as well. Rejoice in your Freedom. Stand up for your Freedom. Let Obama and crew know, enough is enough.

Our Country Deserves Better
PJTV - American Tea Party

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