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Sunday, April 19, 2009

US To Boycott UN Racism Conference

With Good Reason.

Hey folks,

Welcome to the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Yes, first I want to congratulate President Obama for actually making the right choice. We, the US, will not be going to the Racist Racism Conference hosted by the Racist UN.

According to Yahoo News- US to boycott United Nations racism meeting

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration will boycott "with regret" a U.N. conference on racism next week over objectionable language in the meeting's final document that could single out Israel for criticism and restrict free speech, the State Department said Saturday.

The decision follows weeks of furious internal debate and will likely please Israel and Jewish groups that lobbied against U.S. participation. But the move upset human rights advocates and some in the African-American community who had hoped that President Barack Obama, the nation's first black president, would send an official delegation.

Why should we go to a meeting that is CLEARLY Anti-Semitic? Seriously. Israel is one of our closets allies. Another is the provision to make it a CRIME, and a Human Rights Violation to criticize Islamofascists.

Some revisions — including the removal of specific critical references to Israel and problematic passages about the defamation of religion — were negotiated for which State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the administration was "deeply grateful."

But he said the text retains troubling elements that suggest support for restrictions on free speech and an affirmation of the findings of the first World Conference Against Racism, held in Durban, South Africa, in 2001 that the U.S cannot endorse.

So I DO stand and applaud this decision by Obama. One in a very long time. He made the right decision here.

So coming right up today?

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Don't worry folks, I did not forget. I will be discussing and posting the Left Extremist warning tomorrow and giving you my opinion, you can form your own. That's tomorrow. I simply ran out of time today.

Anyway, get ready, I'm going to refill, Today's Featured Coffee, Don Francisco's Hawaiian Hazelnut, One of my absolute favorites. be right back.


irishgodfather said...

It about time for this racist crap to die.
The only way it will is to have the media stop bringing it up.
Continually harping on it only stirs the pot.
I'm friends with people of all races.
Remember their are good and bad in all races.
I find that most people are basically good no mater what their race.

Peter said...

Yeah I know what you mean Irishgodfather. Some of my friends on the Right REALLY though we could put to rest a lot of this garbage when Obama Won.

Obama winning the Presidency says a lot about where this country came from and where we are now. Just a few years ago, it would not matter how much in the tank the Media was for Obama, he simply would not have been taken seriously. We have come a long way.

But of course, we saw during the election cycle, that any time anyone criticized Obama, it was because they were Racists. A prelude to what we have now. Obama the Almighty can never be wrong, He can not even make a mistake, if you call out something, you know, like his quest of tyranny, it can't be that you love this Country and do not want to see someone ruin it, it's because you hate Black People.

But then again, being Patriotic and wanting America to remain the greatest country on the face of the Planet, makes you a Nationalist and ignorant. We are to be citizens of the world. We are the reason the world is so screwed up. Yes WE are to blame for all the world troubles. Thank God Obama will change that. Right?