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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pirates Hijack Another US Ship

Are we still talking about Housing Mr. President?

Hey folks,

This is getting to be obvious. The Privates are not afraid of Obama. Nor do they care about what we could do to them. No, they have decided that Obama is no threat to them. That's just great.

Remember when a reporter asked Obama "What about the Pirates?" that were holding a US Captain Hostage. Obama's answer was "Uh, We're talking about housing right now." The answer was not on the teleprompter. {Smile}

So now, according to the BBC - Pirates hijack second US vessel

Somali pirates have hijacked a US-owned tugboat in the Gulf of Aden with 16 crew members on board - 10 of them Italians, reports say.

Maritime industry sources say the tug was towing two barges at the time of the attack at 0800 GMT.

The crew are said to be unharmed. The US and Italian governments have not confirmed the hijacking.

Meanwhile pirates holding a US captain hostage have warned that using force to rescue him could result in "disaster".

The pirates said they hoped to transfer Capt Richard Phillips from a lifeboat to a bigger vessel, as US and other naval ships made their way to the area.

He is being held by four pirates hundreds of kilometres off Somalia.

In other developments:

Sailors on a Panama-flagged bulk carrier repulsed a pirate attack with water hoses. Nato officials on a nearby Portuguese warship said an unexploded rocket-propelled grenade landed in the commanding officer's cabin

On Friday, one Frenchman and two pirates were killed in a rescue operation by French troops on another vessel captured off Somalia. Four others, including a child, were freed from the yacht.

Are we still talking about housing Mr. President? What about Frannie and Freddie bonuses? How about your take over of the Auto Industry? Do you think maybe you might want to take time out from playing King of the World to maybe BE the President? I don't know Mr. President, it's starting to seem that all you care about is your Socialistic agenda. Sorry, but the rest of the world does not see you as you see yourself. They, like many of us here, see you for what you actually are. An inexperienced, incompetent, little kid, playing King of the World. Not a serious and real threat to those that want to do us harm.

Maybe, just maybe Mr. President, you might want to re-read the Constitution? Your job description is CLEARLY spelled out. What you are doing, is just not it.

BBC - Pirates hijack second US vessel

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