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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Roxana Saberi Sentenced To 8 Years

Roxana Saberi just a pawn

Hey folks

OK. So Roxana Saberi Sentenced To 8 Years in jail by the Iranian Government on Spying Charges. According to the LA Times- Iranian court sentences U.S. journalist to 8 years By Ramin Mostaghim and Jeffrey Fleishman 9:00 AM PDT, April 18, 2009

FOUND GUILTY: Roxana Saberi holds dual American and Iranian citizenship.
Roxana Saberi's spying conviction could strain attempts by the Obama administration to ease tension with Tehran.

I truly think that this is the point. The way I see this, Roxana Saberi just a pawn. According to this article:

Roxana Saberi, 31, who had reported for the British Broadcasting Co. and National Public Radio in Washington, had faced charges of espionage during a trial Monday before Iran's Revolutionary Court.

"The eight-year sentence is true. I will appeal the verdict," said Saberi's lawyer, Abdul-Samad Khorramshahi. It was not clear if she was convicted today or earlier in the week.

Under Iranian law, Saberi, who was arrested two months ago, could have been sentenced to 10 years in prison. She was charged with using the cover of a journalist to spy on Iran while passing on information and documents to American intelligence services. The deputy prosecutor for the Revolutionary Court had told Iran's media that Saberi confessed to the charges.

So she is sitting in an Iranian Jail and the court proceedings are under way. A big show that the world is watching. Pleas from her family and the US Government being made. Ahmadinejad, sitting back and waiting.

Now Obama and Crew have made it clear that they want to "work with Muslims all around the world." He has made it clear we are "not at war with Islam." He has made it clear that he wants to sit down and talk with Little Hitler {Ahmadinejad} and talk.

So now Iran has charged this AMERICAN Journalist to 8 years for spying and the are even reporting, yeah right, that she confessed. Iranian media, much like in our own country today, is run and controlled by the Iranian government and simply report whatever they are told to.

Reza Kaviani, an analyst based in Tehran said this.

"The heavy sentence against Roxana is a message to all intellectuals. . . . I do hope her case will be on the negotiating table" between Washington and Tehran.

Of course it will. I predict that this will be part of the big show. Obama, his highest, will smile and wave his hand. He may even "talk tough." Then, Ahmadinejad, in the name of peaceful beginnings and a show of friendship, will commune her sentence and send her home.

The crowds go crazy, Obama is given all the credit for how intelligent and forceful he is. How the world will now love us because of Obama. Iran is not a bad place and they are not our enemies. This will be the second time that Obama has shown his brilliance and power. The first being the Captain being held hostage by the Pirates.

Just keep watching folks. Just keep watching.

LA Times - Iranian court sentences U.S. journalist to 8 years

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