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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Just Complete And Utter BS

Because the Kooks are running things.

Hey folks,

This really is nothing but complete and utter BS. It is nothing more than Propaganda to attempt to promote and excuse the the radical Obama and LWL Agenda. The Highlighted in Red is by me.

According to the latest Doom and Gloom MMD reporting, AOL News- Science - Ice Melt Could Increase Sea Level Risks

WASHINGTON (Feb. 5) - Long-term sea level increases that could have a devastating effect on southern Florida and highly populated coastal areas may be even larger than once thought, a report suggests.

Some studies have suggested that melting of ice in Antarctica and other areas could raise sea levels by 16 feet to 17 feet over the long run, a potential threat to coastal areas such as Washington, D.C., New York City and California.

Other Studies show the FACT that the Ice is NOT MELTING. Idiots.

But a report in Friday's edition of the journal Science warns that factors not previously considered could one day boost that increase to up to 21 feet in some areas.

In other words, we added more stupidity. We added other POSSIBILITIES that we left out, to MAKE it appear worse.

The study did not list a time frame for such a dramatic change. But co-author Peter Clark, a geoscientist at Oregon State University, stressed that they "aren't suggesting that a collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is imminent."

Because it is NOT REAL.

The most recent International Panel on Climate Change report estimated sea level rise of up to 3 feet by the end of this century.

No proof.

"People have been trying prepare for sea level rise for some time, it's not a new issue," Clark said, noting that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Geological Survey are holding a meeting in San Francisco on the effects of coastal change.

Earlier research has focused on melting ice adding water to the oceans and on thermal expansion of sea water in a warmer climate over long periods of time.

What would happen IF. NOT Proof that it actually IS happening.

In the new report geophysicist Jerry X. Mitrovica and physics graduate student
Natalya Gomez of the University of Toronto, Canada, and Clark, say other factors need to be considered.

Here is the added BS.

--When an ice sheet melts, its gravitational pull on the ocean is reduced and water moves away from it. That means sea levels could fall near Antarctica and rise more than expected in the northern hemisphere.

Can you say guessing here?

--Antarctic bedrock that currently sits under the weight of the ice sheet will rebound from the weight, pushing some water out into the ocean.


--The melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet will cause the Earth's rotation axis to shift, potentially moving water northward.

PROOF of this EXTRODENARY claim?

"The net effect of all of these processes is that if the West Antarctic ice sheet collapses, the rise in sea levels around many coastal regions will be as much as 25 per cent more than expected," Mitrovica said in a statement.

But I repeat, the ice is NOT melting. We are NOT going to face this pending disaster. This is just more Scaryence to attempt to SCARE you into just blindly accepting the GWBS. Scare you into accepting whatever Tyrannical Laws and regulations that the Kooks and Obama put into place. Scare you into the departing of even MORE of your money.

There is NO REAL SCIENCE in this entire article. All it is a a bunch of Kooks, putting a bunch of garbage into a computer to spit out garbage that they want to pass of to you as fact. But none of it is real. This is the reason, as we talk about often, for the use of the wording that they use. If, maybe, could, if all these things happen it will, ETC. But the problem is, NONE of these things are actually happening.

But the Kooks are in charge, Obama is a believer, or understands the Scam, and they feel that they can get their agenda passed in this environment. Just like the Amnesty folks, Redistribution of wealth folks, and the Abortion Nuts. Obama is really going to be a busy guy.

AOL News- Science - Ice Melt Could Increase Sea Level Risks

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