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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Judd vs Palin

Another Self-important Actor thinks you care what she thinks.

Hey folks,

I get so tired of this sort of thing, but there is a point to me posting this. Most of the time I do not even bother reading, let alone posting what these "Stars" think or say. They live in a make-believe world. They are surrounded by "Yes People." They are told that they are the most important people in the World and that people care what they say.

Truth is though, that they are simply paid a lot of money to PRETEND that they are someone or something they are not. They are paid a lot of money to create an escapism for the rest of us.

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE movies. I love Music. I love being entertained. I do not fault anyone for wanting to break into either business. If they are good, I'll but their stuff, or go see their Movies.

My problem come when these folks decide that they are so important that the REAL world should listen to what they say. I have no problem with them, or ANYONE voicing their opinion. Just because they are famous, does not excuse their Right to say whatever they want. It just get beyond annoying to me when they one, do not know what they are talking about, just simply follow a script of what someone ELSE tells them to say, and two, think that you HAVE to do what they say, because the are famous.

Latest example? Ashly Judd. Now here is a chick that has become famous being naked in movies. Guys LOVE that. Seriously folks, if you see a movie starring Ashly Judd, you know it's a pretty safe bet that at some point, she will get naked.

But now she seems to have a problem with Sarah Palin. According to POP Eater - Palin & Judd Lock Horns Over Plane Kills

Judd appears in a new video for Defenders of Wildlife, saying "It's time to stop Sarah Palin and stop this senseless savagery." In Alaska, private citizens are permitted to shoot wolves from the air or conduct land-and-shoot hunting of wolves in rural areas. Palin says it's an important tool to sustain moose and caribou population for the state's subsistence hunters.

You see folks, the REALITY is if they did not do this, the Wolves would overtake other animals and would cause GREAT harm is many different areas. From the other animal populations themselves, to industries that rely on the other animals. But of course Judd and the Kook group that wrote her script do not care about PEOPLE.

Palin shot back at Judd and the wildlife group in her own statement: "It is reprehensible and hypocritical that the Defenders of Wildlife would use Alaska and my administration as a fundraising tool to deceive Americans into parting with their hard-earned money … Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times."


Defenders of Wildlife is based in Washington, D.C., and has field offices in nine mostly Western states plus Mexico and Canada.

Palin belittled the organization, founded in 1947, as a "fringe group."

They ARE! The are part of the LWL {Left Wing Loons}

"Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can't be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou populations," Palin said in a statement distributed by her office. "Our predator control programs are scientific and successful at protecting vulnerable wildlife."

Many other states have similar programs. They are VITIAL to these other states for various reasons. Pheasants, Bear, Deer, Coyotes, ETC. States allow controlled hunting to keep animals from over running and to protect other animals.

This is not new, nor is it exclusive to Alaska. This is NOT about Wolf hunting, this is about Palin. Yes, Palintitist is still running wild. The Left is STILL deathly afraid of Sarah Palin. They KNOW that if she runs for President in 2012, Obama is in for the fight of his life.

It's not the first time Defenders of Wildlife has targeted Palin. Last fall, when Palin was John McCain's running mate, it ran ads in several states denouncing Palin and the predator control program, and raised more than $1 million. Judd had campaigned for President Barack Obama during the campaign.

THAT IS just the truth. It is JUST that simple.

POP Eater - Palin & Judd Lock Horns Over Plane Kills

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