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Sunday, February 15, 2009

IWA for Sunday 021509

Having Faith in the Impossible, an denouncing those who have faith?

Hey folks,

It's Sunday, Time to wrap things up with the Idiot of the Week. I will admit, until this past article that I just posted, I had someone in mind, but this "Expert" or "Scientist" actually deserves it more. The other is a Politician. Which pretty much means they make idiotic decisions all the time. {Smile} I get to that one another time.

So this "Expert" believes that Evolution is FACT and that there need no further discussion and the Schools should be forced to teach Evolution as fact. She said the following.

"There has been a concerted effort by a pretty well funded movement to educate the public that evolution is weak science, and scientists are giving up on it and making the argument that you have to choose between evolution and religion"

Not only is the THEORY of Evolution, or Evilution {Denying any possibility of an intelligent Designer of the beginning of Evolution} based on WEAK science, it is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

The first and most significant problem is that Nothing is the absence of ALL things. If there was NOTHING. Then NOTHING could have added NOTHING. There HAS to be a first SOMETHING to add to the NOTHING. So where did THAT come from? No answer from the Scientific Community.

Second problem. According to all the advancement and advanced understanding of DNA, we have found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have ALL things, Hot / Cold blooded, plants, people, cats, dogs, fish, ETC? come from ONE Single Cell Organism. That would HAVE to have had a DNA of it's own.

Then she said this.

"The latest strategy is not to promote the frank teaching of intelligent design, but to sneak it in through the back door In the biology business we'd call that adaptation - if nothing else evolves, the creationists do. They're always coming up with ways to subvert evolution."

As you Dr. keep trying to denounce that there HAS to be another answer to the start of Evolution.

Our Idiot of the Week? Is Eugenie Scott, director of the National Center for Science Education. I asked you again, what do you think takes more faith to believe in. God, created all life and there then became a natural evolution. Or? There was nothing. From this nothing, SOMETHING, just popped up. From this single cell something, came ALL things.

One, GOD, has not been proven false, and there is much evidence on a constant basis that what the Bible tells us is ACTUALLY TRUE. Two, A Theory that science actually PROVES is impossible? Which takes more faith to believe in?

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