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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another Obama Gift Smells Like SCHIP

Preview for Sunday 020809

Hey folks,

Welcome to the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Glad you could drop by. We have a lot of ground to cover, including one story that really pisses me off. Sorry. No other way to put it folks. It really does. And people wonder why I'm Pro-Life.

OH, did you hear that President Obama just gave out another gift? This one is called SCHIP. He signed it into law. According to US News and World Report - New SCHIP Law Gives Kids Mental Health Coverage

Hidden in the new children's health insurance plan signed by President Obama is a gift to millions of low-income parents: increased insurance coverage for children with mental-health problems. Before, 60 percent of the states had more limited coverage for mental health. The new law for the State Children's Health Insurance Program not only expands health coverage to 4 million more children beyond the 6 million already covered but also brings mental-health parity to the state programs that provide insurance for children in low-income families, requiring that they get the same access to treatment for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and other serious disorders as they do for physical ailments.

OK. First, the phsycobabble people are happy. Drug companies are happy. States that get new monies for this are happy. The Illegal Aliens are happy. Of course, what this article leaves out is that those under thirty, that make under the financial line are happy, because they are now considered children. I'm not joking folks. So who pays for all this? YOU DO.

You also have to see this for what it really is, just another incremental step towards Socialized Medicine. The false Utopia known as Universal Healthcare.

We have even more on President Obama and his "transparent Administration" coming right up.

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IWA for Sunday 020809

The one marked GRAPHIC IS. If you are eating breakfast while joining me this morning, you may want to skip that one until AFTER you eat. Giving it a chance to settle may not be a bad idea either.

Just a quick note, I will not be here tomorrow. I know, I know, getting to be a regular thing on Mondays lately, but fret not, I will be back on Tuesday. You may need two days to digest the things we are talking about today anyway. {Smile}

So get your coffee, mine is Caramel Swirl today, juice, Tea, whatever it takes to get you going, and let's go.

US News and World Report - New SCHIP Law Gives Kids Mental Health Coverage

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