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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dems Want You To Pay THEIR Share

Rich Liberals Do Not Pay Taxes, But They Want You To

Hey folks,

Happy Hump Day to you. That's right I'm back. But as usual, I was not that far out of the loop. Let's talk about a couple of things that popped up yesterday. Shall we?

First of course, Daschle is out. Seemingly just another Democrat Presidential Nominee that does not believe paying taxes is their obligation. Daschle sent a letter asking to be removed from consideration as Health and Human Services Secretary. He actually, with "with sadness and regret" of course, said that he refused to "be a distraction" for the Messi,,uh, President Obama.

But he is not alone folks. Yet another Nominee, Nancy Killefer had made the same request concerning what was to be her groundbreaking appointment as a Chief Performance Officer to "make the entire government run better." {Laughing} Yup, she didn't pay her taxes either.

Well, President Obama, to his credit, came out yesterday and accepted the blame. He said this.

"I screwed up."

Then he said this.

"It's important for this administration to send a message that there aren't two sets of rules — you know, one for prominent people and one for ordinary folks who have to pay their taxes.

I'm frustrated with myself, with our team. ... I'm here on television saying I screwed up," Obama said on NBC's "Nightly News with Brian Williams." He repeated virtually the same words in interviews with other TV anchors.

Of course, he was reading a script. So what about Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner? Will he be staying? Really. I'm asking. How can he if President Obama is going to be true to his words? He is now the guy that will make sure YOU pay your taxes. You know, "ordinary folks who have to pay their taxes." Or is he there to make sure that you pay THEIRS as well?

You WILL be. Paying A LOT of taxes. Obama's Pork Package is now over $900 Billion dollars, and growing. Yup. After the House Democrats put all their pay backs and Pork in, passed it without help of one single Republican, the Senate starting adding theirs. It has turned into one big pig.

You are making noise out there about this. The latest Gallop Poll says that a majority of Americans want Congress to either reject or make "major changes" to the economic stimulus package on Capitol Hill. 75 percent of Americans want Congress to pass some version of the plan. But not with all the Pork. Only 38 percent of those polled favored the existing stimulus proposal, down from 53 percent holding that view in the Jan. 28 Gallup survey. A growing number of you do not want it AT ALL.

People are waking up to what is in this, no, what this Bill REALLY is. Nothing but a spending and Pork package. But the Loons have the Votes. I really hope that the Senate Republicans stick to their guns and chose to Vote NO. The Republicans may not have the Votes to stop it, but they have YOU. The People. I'm sure there are, just like in the House, some Democrats in the Senate, that are not completely stupid enough to pass this now knowing that the majority of Americans KNOW what and DO NOT WANT what this is.

But then again, Congress just gave themselves, $93,000 dollars each to revamp their offices. You will be paying that also. Would you like me to do the math for you? That is $93,000 EACH. 535 of EACH. $93,000 dollars times 535 is $49,755,000.00 For those that need a little extra help in understanding, that is just about $50 MILLION dollars that is NOT part of this Pork Package. For offices. EXISTING offices.

Now I do not know about you. But I bet you I could pay a contractor to come in and remodel MY office for around Ten Grand. $93,000??? YOUR MONEY at work. Their response to this? To better serve their constituents. I'm not kidding. That's the real answer.

So while we have people in this country being thrown out of their houses thanks to the DEMOCRATS protecting Fannie and Freddie, and forcing banks to loan people the money KNOWING they can not pay it back, the Libs in power grant themselves an EXTRA $50 Million spending for office revamps. {Sigh}

While people are really hurting in this country, President Obama wants Congress to create and pass his Pork Package. They want to give most of it to people that got them elected and keep them in office. A lot of it goes to people that do not belong here to begin with, and sure as hell did not pay into it. Illegal Aliens.

While the Auto Industries are struggling, to appease the Evionuts and other Libs. President Obama signed an Executive Order that could very well BANKRUPT them all together. But then again, this IS the same Obama that said he wants to bankrupt the Coal Industries and that it would be a good thing if your Electric Bill "Skyrockets."

Yes Mr. President, you screwed up. Yes Mr. President, the current Congress IS screwing up. We the Tax Payers, you know, the "ordinary folks who have to pay their taxes" so you and the "prominent people" do not have to. So that you and the "prominent people" can play your games and get more rich. We the Tax Payers are getting "frustrated" with you, with your team.

Change? Hope? Transparencies? Seriously?

AP - Obama Blames Self for Daschle Dropout
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