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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Congressional Hearing About Offshore Drilling

New Poll shows amazing numbers.

Hey folks,

Happy Hump Day, February 25, 2009. Why do I give you the actual date? Because today is the day that Rep. Rahall will hold a congressional hearing today about offshore drilling.

Now you all know I have been following this closely. You know that not only do I believe that we need to Drill here, Drill now, and become Energy Independent, but I am actively working towards that goal. So are many of you.

Your voices have been heard. People are listening. But there are still some, that would like nothing more than to ignore you, and replace the Off Shore Drilling Moratoria. We cannot let this happen. As API President Jack Gerard said.

“We should not delay the development of these vital national resources. Americans need this energy now and will need it to power an economic recovery in the future.”

So the poll, that the American Petroleum Institute commissioned to and conducted by Harris Interactive found some amazing numbers. They found that 61 percent of you support access to offshore oil and natural gas resources. Only 26 percent of those polled opposed exploration and development of those resources.

So why is this so amazing?

First, the most obvious is this. Look at the gas prices. We are a fickle people that sometimes have a sort memory. When gas was over $4.00 dollars a gallon, it was understandable that something like 80 percent of you were not only in favor of it, but demanded it. But then the gas prices plummeted. Normally in this case, people get complacent and move on with their lives. But not this time. 61 percent of you support access to offshore oil and natural gas resources, even though the prices are cheaper than they have been in nearly two years.

Another thing that is amazing about this Poll is the make up of it.


Republican 23%
Democrat 37%
Independent 33%
Other party 2%
Don’t know/refused 4%

So there were more Democrats and Independent {Which usually lean hard Left} FAR outnumbering Republicans. You know, those Evil, War Mongering, Hate filled, Nature killing, Racist, Homophobes? Still, the numbers are this.

Do you support or oppose increased domestic access to offshore oil and natural gas resources? Is that strongly or somewhat?

Strongly/somewhat support (NET)61%
Strongly/somewhat oppose (NET)26%
Neither support nor oppose (NET)8%
Don’t know 5%

What about replacing the Moratoria?

Do you support or oppose delaying the offshore oil and gas drilling plan? Is that strongly or somewhat?

Strongly/somewhat oppose (NET)50%
Strongly/somewhat support (NET)34%
Neither support nor oppose (NET)11%
Don’t know 5%

So most of you out there get it. This is one of those topics that has all but left the Mainstream Media. They have decided to keep it under the radar and allow those in Congress to do whatever they want. Yet, YOU still understand that this is one of the most important issues of our time. We NEED to do this.

What will happen today? Well, other than you hearing how absolutely brilliant Obama was in his address to Congress last nigh, they will conduct hearing on weather we should or should not become Energy Independent.

What will they do? Time will tell. But it is CLEAR what you want. Now is the time to continue to let them know.

Energy Tomorrow

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