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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The False Messiah

The False Hope Of Salvation

Hey folks,

I will not spend too much time on this. I have already been warning you for the past two years. I have warned you that this hope of Salvation that Obama is offering is false. This pork Package is nothing more that a HUGE, historic, and momentous step toward changing this country into the new USSA {United Socialist States Of America}. Obama has just received Congressional approval to step towards a place of power that has NEVER been seen before in this country.

The house passed their version with a vote of 246-183, without a single Republican Vote. Seven SANE Democrats voted against it. The Senate saw three Traitors on the Republican side, which we knew would, voted for it. Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine and Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. This is the ONLY reason that this passed. The vote was 60-38, without them, this would be as dead as it should be.

The people that Voted for this Bill, the Press, and people in this country that continue to lie and accept the lie, of what this Bill is, will wake up to the reality of what actually just happened over time. When these things start taking effect, and you say WAIT a second. I don't want that, TOO BAD! It is Law. The Government controlling what your Doctor says and does. The Government deciding if you get treated at all? Not only can it happen. IT JUST DID! It is LAW. As soon as the False Messiah Obama signs this, It becomes LAW. When ALL these Socialistic Programs start to be moved from the darkness of this fifteen hundred pages of Legislation that NO ONE read, including those that voted for it, into the light of reality, people will then begin to realize that they have been lied to.

"Obama now has a bill to sign that will create millions of good-paying jobs and help families and businesses stay afloat financially. It will shore up our schools and roads and bridges, and infuse cash into new sectors like green energy and technology that will sustain our economy for the long term,"said Sen. Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat who was a leading architect of the measure.

COMPLETELY FALSE! Those good paying jobs are nothing more than a myth. Laying sod, decorating federal buildings and the VERY minute amount in this now LAW for infrastructure, will NOT create ANY real, long lasting, career type jobs. NOTHING will help the schools. There is nothing in this that will stimulate anything but Democratic pet projects that WILL FAIL! Lots of people will get rich from the scams, but it will NOT do ANYTHING to stimulate the economy.

And this complete bunk as being reported by the MMD {Mainstreme Media Drones} about tax cuts? There are NO tax cuts. Oh, you may see something like $13 dollars extra in your paycheck, maybe, for now, but they just spent nearly one TRILLION dollars, and there is another TRILLION dollars behind that coming right up. So who is going to pay for all this? YOU! Make no mistake about it.

I am now no longer going to call Obama the Messiah. Some as I have in the past to show how he is seen by the Obamaid drinkers and the MMD. But he is NOT the Messiah. He is a FALSE Messiah, that they will learn about in time. His promises of Salvation for YOU and this Country are FALSE. His insistence that he is for YOU and wants to help YOU is false. What the false Messiah and the New Liberal Movement wants is Tyranny. They want to control EVERY aspect of your private lives. They want you dependent on THEM. They have just taken a HUGE step in the direction that will help ensure that this will happen. To roaring applauds and great cheer, the dawn of Socialism has arrived.

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