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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Another Puppet

Another MAJOR hurdle to overcome for the sake of America

Hey folks,

This guy;

- voted against increased fuel efficiency standards for the U.S. automobile fleet
- voted to allow offshore oil drilling along Florida’s coast
- voted to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to ignore global warming impacts in their water development projects
- voted against the repeal of tax breaks for Exxon-Mobil
- voted to support subsidies to ranchers and other users of public forest and range lands
- threatened to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service when its scientists determined the black-tailed prairie dog may be endangered
- fought efforts to increase protection for endangered species and the environment in the Farm Bill

When his name was being bantered around as the new pick of Obama, for the job as Interior Secretary, the Kooks went nuts. The Huffy Post wrote about him not being the man for the job. This fringe whacked out Liberal Group, Climate Science Watch, even sent Obama a letter. They said this about Obama's new pick.

Ken Salazar a Disappointing Choice for Secretary of the Interior
Stronger, More Scientifically Based Leadership Needed to Fix Crisis-Plagued Agency.

There was no crisis in the Agency. There was SANITY.

The Department of the Interior has been rocked by scandals during the Bush administration, most revolving around corrupt bureaucrats overturning and squelching agency scientists as they attempted to protect endangered species and natural resources from exploitation by developers, loggers, and oil and gas development. As recently as Monday, the Interior Department Inspector General issued another in a string of reports finding that top Department officials systematically violated laws and regulations in order to avoid or eliminate environmental protections.

They give him credit, but then say, he is not a big enough Kook for them.

While Salazar has promoted some good environmental actions and fought against off-road vehicle abuse, his overall record is decidedly mixed, and is especially weak in the arenas most important to the next Secretary of the Interior: protecting scientific integrity, combating global warming, reforming energy development and protecting endangered species.

Then this Loon, Suckling, I'm not making that up. That is the real name, Suckling said this.

“Obama’s choices for Secretary of Energy and his ‘Climate Change Czar’ indicate a determined willingness to take on global warming,” Suckling said. “That team will be weakened by the addition of Ken Salazar, who has fought against federal action on global warming, against higher fuel efficiency standards, and for increased oil drilling and oil subsidies.”

Sounds like Salazar is an intelligent man. Sounds like he has the ability to REASON and actually think. Does it not? Well, hold on there a second. Obama did appoint him, he became the new Interior Secretary. However, a friend of America? A person that is willing to help us become energy independent? Not by a long shot.

Just this past Wednesday, Salazar announced that he was about to nullify Utah Oil and Gas Drilling Leases. He said he was nullifying the drilling leases on about 130,000 acres in Utah because they are near National Parks and the Envionuts have started asking questions about environmental reviews.

He said this.

“Those are American iconic treasures we need to make sure are being protected,” Salazar said on a conference call with reporters today. He also said the environmental review process “was not complete.”

Of course the Nuts are happy. They came out of the woodwork blaming Bush for all the evils of mankind and his "creation" of Global Warming. Now he said some of these areas may go back up for sale later, but he did not say if those awarded these areas would be getting money back that they may have already spent.

But this is NOT my main issue with this puppet. My main problem with him is yesterday, he came right out and stared talking about backing away from off shore drilling all together. According to the AP- Salazar rejects Bush drilling plan By H. JOSEF HEBERT

WASHINGTON (AP) — Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has rejected a Bush administration plan to open vast waters off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts to oil and gas drilling, promising "a new way forward" in offshore energy development including new wind projects.

Salazar, at a news conference Tuesday, criticized "the midnight timetable" for new oil and gas development on the country's Outer Continental Shelf proposed by the Bush administration four days before President Barack Obama took office Jan. 20.

The secretary said the previous administration's plan did not take into consideration the views of states and coastal communities, nor a need to better understand what energy resources are at stake, especially off the Atlantic coast where oil and gas estimates are more than three decades old.

"Take into consideration the views of states and coastal communities?"
You have been telling them that YOU want this. That is complete and utter Bunk. Remember back on Sunday January 18, 2009, I gave you GREAT news?

The MMS, the federal agency responsible for administering the offshore oil and natural gas program, considers the size, timing, and location of the areas to be considered for federal leasing, and it bases its recommendations on the public’s comments. The plan is reviewed by Congress and approved by the Secretary of the Interior. They were accepting public comments on its 2010-2015 plan. Problem was, several anti-drilling groups have called on their members to flood MMS with comments. Therefore, the majority of comments oppose new leases.

So they figured that the Kooks would out number the PEOPLE, and that would give them cover to say, "The Public is against it." But that is NOT the case, thanks to all of you. 53 percent supported increased offshore oil and natural gas production back then. The Kooks lost this one again.

But WAIT, that can't be. The public can not possibly WANT this. What about Global Warming? Oh yeah, GW is BS. So now?

"We need to ... restore an orderly process to our offshore energy planning program," declared Salazar, criticizing "foot dragging" by the Bush administration in pushing for renewable energy development in coastal waters.

The only people "foot dragging" our energy independence is the Liberals in Power, and the Obama Administration.

Congress last fall ended the broad drilling ban, dating back to 1981, that has kept energy companies from even exploring or conducting seismic studies across 85 percent of the offshore federal waters.

But it remains up to the Interior Department to issue specific plans for drilling leases. And Salazar indicated Tuesday he is in no rush to open vast expanses of long-protected waters, promising "to create our own timetable."

Salazar directed Interior Department scientists to produce new reports on how much oil and gas might be found off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and extended the public comment period on a new five-year leasing plan to September. He said he will hold regional meetings to get comments from the public before continuing with an offshore energy plan.

Blah blah blah. So your voices WERE heard, yet he wants to extend the public comment period. API’s President Jack Gerard responded with the following statement about the 180 day extended comment period:

“Congress made the American people wait nearly 30 years to address our immediate energy challenges. Secretary Salazar today told the American people they must continue to wait – even though more than two-thirds of them want to tap our vast domestic resources for the benefit of all Americans.

“The accelerated Outer Continental Shelf five-year plan process, which the secretary placed on hold today, was designed to address the critical energy concerns facing Americans. The draft plan already received a record 120,000 comments from states, environmental groups, industry, labor groups and members of the public – with 87,000 of those comments supporting expanded and expeditious development.

Secretary Salazar’s announcement means that development of our offshore resources could be stalled indefinitely. That would delay Americans’ access to nearly 160,000 new, well-paying jobs, $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state and local governments and greater energy security.

We share Secretary Salazar’s view that America needs a comprehensive energy policy that includes alternatives. In these tough economic times, Salazar’s delay does a disservice to all Americans. We should be moving as quickly as possible to develop more of our own oil and natural gas to benefit all Americans.”

So they know that the vast majority of you WANT this now. They know that this is possible and that their false 10 to 15 year argument is just ignorantly wrong. Yet, THEY DO NOT CARE. They do not care what you think, say, or believe. They have an agenda and they are sticking to it.

Get this.

But Salazar did not rule out an expansion off offshore oil and gas drilling. Some issues such as revenue sharing from offshore energy development must still be worked out in Congress, which also is likely to have a say on what specific waters might again be put off limits.

I warned you folks. There are some, behind the scenes, that WANT the Drilling Ban back in place. They can not come right out and say it. They can not come right out a DO it. They know that even though the Loons are attempting to flood them with negatives, YOU said you want this. They hear you. They are just not liking what you say. So they are trying to find ways around this. Maybe they think the extension will give the Loons more time to flood them with anti-drilling comments. I can hear them now. "We NEED cover. We NEED cover. Quick Envionuts, help us."

Now is not the time to stop. YOU need to continue to hammer these Socialist Idiots and make sure that they understand, We need to drill now. We need to be Energy Independent. For National Security, and the financial well being of this country. $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state and local governments could help offset some of that two plus trillion that Obama and the Loons want to throw away at your expense. Not to mention the REAL and long lasting CAREER jobs that will be created. That ain't laying no sod.

This Administration is out of control. The Congress is out of control. YOU are the only thing that can slow them down. YOU are the only thing that can stop them all together in two years. Once again we are seeing the price at the pump go up, while the price of Oil per barrel go down. Once again, this Administration and those in Congress are saying to you, screw you. It's time YOU start saying to them, No. Screw you.

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