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Monday, February 23, 2009

Global Warming Ministers on Retreat

Told you this is a Religion.

Hey folks,

Happy Monday to you. I'm still in a great mood. Even this utter nonsense isn't putting a hinder on it. This just makes me laugh even more. But look for new and more ominous warnings to come about the dire need to put more power and control over your personal lives, and of course, the necessity of taking more of your money.

Turns out that, wait a second. Do you know what a Minister is? A Minister is someone who is trained and put in charge of conducting duties of their organizations. They are to spread the word and teach others that their ways are the truth and are to be followed. They conduct ceremonies and follow Doctrine set by the leaders of these organizations. Their basic role is Teacher. The sad thing is, just like with other Man made Religions out there, the followers will believe anything. They will just blindly follow whatever they are told.

So the Global Warming Ministers, which is what they are now being called, took a sabbatical. They we to the Antarctic to attempt to come up with more Scarence {Scare Science} to use in their mission of trying to convince you that we are all going to die if we do not "Prevent" the Ice from STARTING to melt. If we "let this start." I'm not kidding folks. They actually said this.

"We are out of out cotton-pickin' minds if we let that process get started," Hansen said of an Antarctic meltdown. "Because there will be no stopping it."

That is the last line in this story. Why not make it the first? IT IS NOT MELTING. {Laughing} There is no threat. Yet, they went there to find another threat, could not find it, so they are saying we have to prevent it. {sigh}

According to the AP - Ministers get close look at Antarctic ice threat Again, the highlighted in Red is by me.

TROLL RESEARCH STATION, Antarctica – A parka-clad band of environment ministers landed in this remote corner of the icy continent on Monday, in the final days of an intense season of climate research, to learn more about how a melting Antarctica may endanger the planet.

Representatives from more than a dozen nations, including the U.S., China, Britain and Russia, were to rendezvous at a Norwegian research station with American and Norwegian scientists coming in on the last leg of a 1,400-mile (2,300-kilometer), two-month trek over the ice from the South Pole.

The visitors will gain "hands-on experience of the colossal magnitude of the Antarctic continent and its role in global climate change," said the mission's organizer, Norway's Environment Ministry.

They'll also learn about the great uncertainties plaguing research into this southernmost continent and its link to global warming: How much is Antarctica warming? How much ice is melting into the sea? How high might it raise ocean levels worldwide?

Truth is, they have no idea. Or do they?

The answers are so elusive that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a Nobel Prize-winning U.N. scientific network, excluded the potential threat from the polar ice sheets from calculations in its authoritative 2007 assessment of global warming.

Because there is NO THREAT. But due to economic down turns world wide, people want more proof that this is a real threat. They want PROOF that there is a REAL REASON to waste money they do not have. There is no PROOF. Facts say that we have not warmed since about 98. That we are actually in a cooling cycle. So they need a new threat. They need this to sound even more dire.

The IPCC forecast that oceans may rise up to 23 inches (0.59 meters) this century, from heat expansion and melting land ice, {Which is not melting} if the world does little to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases blamed {Not proven}for atmospheric warming.

But the U.N. panel did not take Antarctica and Greenland into account, since the interactions of atmosphere and ocean with their enormous stores of ice — Antarctica has 90 percent of the world's ice — are poorly understood. And yet the West Antarctic ice sheet, some of whose outlet glaciers are pouring ice at a faster rate into the sea, "could be the most dangerous tipping point this century," says a leading U.S. climatologist, NASA's James Hansen.

But we do not know how long some of this has been going on. It may ACTUALLY be normal. We just never saw it before. We have nothing to compare it to.

"There is the potential for several-meter rise of sea level," Hansen told The Associated Press last week. The scenario is "frightening," says the IPCC's chief scientist, Rajendra Pachauri, who met with the ministers in Cape Town before their nine-hour flight here from South Africa.

Not really. We have no idea. If there was PROOF of this, the IPCC would have included it. Even if it was not true, but appeared to be a possibility, they would have included it. But they did not even find enough evidence that could lead one to believe it to even be a possibility, so they left it out.

Finding the answers has been key to the 2007-2009 International Polar Year (IPY), a mobilization of 10,000 scientists and 40,000 others from more than 60 countries engaged in intense Arctic and Antarctic research over the past two southern summer seasons — on the ice, at sea, via icebreaker, submarine and surveillance satellite.

Why go there in the Summer? Oh yeah, Summer is warmer than Winter and ice melts in warmth. Imagine that?

The 12-member Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica — the trekkers "coming home" to Troll — was one important part of that work, having drilled deep cores into the annual layers of ice sheet in this little-explored region, to determine how much snow has fallen historically and its composition.

Such work will be combined with another IPY project, an all-out effort to map by satellite radar the "velocity fields" of all Antarctic ice sheets over the past two summers, to assess how fast ice is being pushed into the surrounding sea.

Sounds impressive doesn't it? But they are only looking at the last two Summers? Cycles take years. Not two. But you know, whatever works to further their agendas.

Then scientists may understand better the "mass balance" — how much the snow, originating with ocean evaporation, is offsetting the ice pouring seaward.

"We're not sure what the East Antarctic ice sheet is doing," David Carlson, IPY director, explained last week from the program's offices in Cambridge, England. "It looks like it is flowing a little faster. So is that matched by accumulation? What they come back with will be crucial to understanding the process."

"We're not sure what the East Antarctic ice sheet is doing,"
EXACTLY! However, what they will do is put into the already skewed computer models, what they think could happen, and then ask the computers, "What If" to get the information they WANT to get to further the Scam Of Global Warming.

The visiting environment ministers were those of Algeria, Britain, Congo, the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Other countries were represented by climate policymakers and negotiators, including Xie Zhenhua of China and Dan Reifsnyder, a deputy assistant U.S. secretary of state.

You see, you see? This is a World wide Problem. This is not an Al Gore Scam. This is real. We have to do something NOW!! The Sky is falling! The sky is falling!! Greed and the quest for power is universal folks.

During their long day here under the 17-hour sunlight of a dying southern summer, when temperatures still drop to near zero Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius), the northern visitors took in the awesome sights of Queen Maud Land, a forbidding, mountainous icescape 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) southwest of South Africa, and toured the Norwegians' high-tech Troll Research Station, upgraded to year-round operations in 2005.

THIS IS ONE MAIN PROBLEM! Read this next part carefully. UNDERSTAND it.

The politics of climate inevitably mixed with the science. Stranded in Cape Town an extra two days when high Antarctic winds scrubbed a planned weekend flight, the ministers were gently lobbied at lunch and dinner by Scandinavian counterparts favoring urgent action on a new global agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, the deal to reduce greenhouse gases that expires in 2012.

President Barack Obama's new U.S. administration has promised action after years of U.S. resistance to the Kyoto process. But the complexity of issues and limited time before a Copenhagen conference in December, target date for a deal, makes the outcome as uncertain as the future of Antarctica's glaciers and offshore ice shelves.

Much more research lies ahead, say the scientists, including investigations of the possible warming and shifting currents of the Southern Ocean ringing Antarctica. "We need to put more resources in," said IPY's Carlson.

We need more money!

Outspoken scientists say political action may be even more urgently needed.

"We are out of out cotton-pickin' minds if we let that process get started," Hansen said of an Antarctic meltdown. "Because there will be no stopping it."

So again, they just admit it. "We are out of out cotton-pickin' minds if we let that process get started," So it is NOT a threat? If we COULD prevent the process from getting started, would this not suggest that it has not already begun? If it has not already begun, then how do you PROVE that we stopped it. Kind of like Obama saying he will SAVE three million jobs. There is no way to prove that. Are you still working because he saved your job? Maybe. He will take credit of it.

This is what these Chicken Little Ministers are trying to do now. "Give us more money, allow us the power to control peoples Private Lives," and when nothing happens. "See, we prevented it. We saved the planet."

Do not let these people scare you folks. There is NO THREAT. Nothing is happening. They KNOW this, and just admitted it. Yet, we better prevent it. They just said so.

AP - Ministers get close look at Antarctic ice threat


samspade said...

There was an article I saw just recently explaining that there was sensor malfunction in the satellites so what was thought to be open water turned out to be ice.

Then the article devolved into they this outfit chose to use data that was not first hand over past data.

The theory was that the current data was not as reliable as data from the past. It seems data actually taken physically eyes on was not to be trusted.

Then too there was the question why did this outfit choose to use a less reliable method of collecting data than newer methods that were more reliable. The answer was basely" they did not feel like it.

My conclusions from reading the article was that even thought they acknowledged ice they still claimed global warming.

The facts did not count they had their answer all ready.

D.S.Harford said...

I wish the oceans would rise; I always wanted a beach front property. Of course that wouldn't be good for you Pete. LOL

Peter said...

Hey Sam,

Something I have been saying for a while, and something that John Coleman Founder of the Weather Channel confirmed, is this. With all these computer models?

Garbage in. Garbage out. Computers really can not think. I know this is hard to imagine with all the Sci Fi out there. But they only "know" what you put in.

So what these people do is put in a foundation, then throw in a bunch of scenarios and ask it to spit out possible outcomes. When they do not get what they want, they simply ADD more possible scenarios and the Computers do their thing, spitting out Doom and Gloom that they can then say "See Told you." ETC.

If I really wanted to, I could get a Computer to tell you that in 2012, you know, the end of the world, the most probable reason for this is Aliens coming down. I could put into the computer all the "facts" and "Historic documentation" of close encounters, UFO sightings, Area 51, Predictions of the End Times, and have the computer spit out the "PROOF" that we will be invaded bringing about the end of days. It doesn't matter that none of it is true, the computer says so.

The REALLY sad thing is, there would be some that actually BELIEVE it.

Peter said...

Hey D.S.

"I wish the oceans would rise; I always wanted a beach front property. Of course that wouldn't be good for you Pete. LOL"

{Laughing} I have an old Sail boat sitting at my dock. I could fix that up and be just fine.

Then I could sail up to your house for some coffee. {Smile} I do have to teach Josh how to swim though.