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Sunday, September 26, 2010

DLA for Sunday 092610

A voice in the wilderness?

Hey folks,

Back in the day, there were very few of us, crying out to all that could hear. The New Liberalism, or Progressiveness IS a Quest For Tyranny. Obama BAD for the Country. Liberalism in today's version, BAD for the Country. They must NOT gain power to bring forth their insane agendas. America itself is at stake.

However, many fell asleep and did not hear. They dreamed the Dream that was Obama. Historic, First Black President, Peace, Green, All equal and living in the Utopia of the Liberal Ideal.

There were those, and still are, that thought Obama would pay off their Mortgages, buy them a new car. Take Millions from those greedy Millionaires and give the money to THEM. Obama even came out and said that the Sea Levels {That are threatening to wipe us all out} would lower as soon as he was ascended to the throne, uh, I mean, elected President.

Yet hear we were, I leading the way, telling you that the "Dream" was really a Nightmare waiting to flourish. But many still slept. Still dreamt. Still "Hoped." Even though they had NO IDEA what it was they were hoping for.

Record Unemployment, record housing slump, record deficits, no money, no credit, no way out of the hole, Obama taking over industries, and Healthcare. The Socialistic Agenda, Marxism at it's finest, attempting to be established. The Country as we know it, under a full fledged attack by those elected to RUN it. The Constitution all but in shreds. Courts being set up to further the Liberal Agendas. The Kooks are running the show, and continue to use Tax Payer's money as personal Piggy Banks.

People are starting to wake up. NOW, after the Lib Kooks have shown us whom they truly are, the American People REGRET the Dream. They REGRET that they fell for the SCAM. They are ANGRY that they were lied to. They Are tire of this Regime, which is what they are, governing AGAINST their Will. They are tired of being Dictated to. What to eat, wear, where to and how to live. They are tired of being insulted. Called Racists, Kooks, Imbeciles, "F---ers," ETC. They are TIRED of Insanity.

Of course I'm referring to our Idiot of the week using the word "f---ers" to describe Tea Party People and anyone that opposes Obamacare, or Obama, or ANY of the Insane Leftists Ideals.

Well all those voices are coming out of the Wilderness. They are NOW mainstream. Our winner of the Logic Award is one of them. Yeah, I know, BAD Picture, but the only one I could find. Chris Littleton, the President of the Cincinnati Tea Party.

Mr. Littleton made a GREAT point. He responded that just because Redfern didn't know the Cameras were rolling doesn't mean his point of view changes. As with MANY on the Left. They tell you who they are and what they really think when they think no one but like minded people are listening. We've seen this time and time again. I have many of them here. Check the Archives.

He added that all the accusations that Tea Partiers are racist or hateful are a "projection" of opponents' own thoughts and he'd be willing to explain to Redfern why the health care law is problematic to Tea Party participants.
{Laughing} VERY well put. He is one hundred percent right. Who are the TRUE Racists? All the way back from Slavery up to now? The Left. Sorry, just the facts. Whom is it that sees EVERYTHING through Race? The Left. Whom is it that doesn't believe in personal Freedom to make choice, and live the way you chose? The Left. Whom it is that attacks Blacks, Females, and other Minorities that do not agree with their Agendas? The Left. Whom is it that see no problem attacking one based SOLELY on their Religion? Yup, you guested it. The Left.

"These leaders and candidates can't stand on facts or logic, so they use hate and insults," Littleton said in a statement. "When you believe in principles of liberty, you don't have any reason to hate or demean. We don't need to make appeals to emotion because we can rely on history and fact."
Amen and AMEN! Mr. Littleton. We need more like you out there telling the TRUTH about all this. We need more Christies, O'Donnells, Kasichs, and the like. Kasich is ahead by six points at this time. O'Donnel is gaining ground in the face of all the mindless attacks. We all know what Christie is doing.

Congratulations Mr. Littleton, for speaking the truth, and telling people the way it is, you ARE the winner of the Display of Logic Award for Sunday 092610. Keep up the good work. The People are awake.

Fox News - Ohio Democrat Curses Voters Who Oppose Health Care Law

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