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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where Are The Test Results?

That lounging Oil, settled on the bottom of the Ocean? "It HAS to be BP!"

Hey folks,

I came across this article from the AP - Study shows latest government spill estimate right
WASHINGTON – After several missteps, the federal government finally got it right, accurately estimating how much oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, an independent scientific study found.

Nearly 185 million gallons of oil spilled from the broken BP well into the Gulf of Mexico this summer, according to a study by two Columbia University researchers who made their estimates based on video of the oil spewing from the well.

The federal government's final estimate was a shade more than 172 million gallons. The Columbia researchers' estimate is 12.6 million gallons more than the federal figure. However, because it's so difficult to get a precise estimate, there is a large margin of error for both the government figure and the Columbia number. The margin is so large that the two estimates essentially overlap, the researchers said. Their study was published online Thursday in the journal Science.
OK. Interesting. Not sure of the importance of it. Then I saw this. According to Reuters - Scientists give fresh estimate of Gulf oil spill By Matthew Bigg – Thu Sep 23, 3:22 pm ET

ATLANTA (Reuters) – Researchers weighed in on the controversial question of how much oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico during the BP Plc spill and said on Thursday the total amount was around 4.4 million barrels.

The figure, derived using a technique called optical plume velocimetry, represents the first independent peer-reviewed study of the worst oil spill in U.S. history and conforms closely to the most recent estimate by government scientists.

The spill began in April when a deepwater rig exploded and sank in the Gulf. The well was capped on July 15 and killed on Sunday after causing billions of dollars worth of environmental and economic damage to Gulf coast states.

Estimating the extent of the spill precisely is a crucial part of any environmental damage assessment and also has big legal implications for the energy giant.

BP faces potential fines under several anti-pollution laws and recent increases in the estimate of how much oil leaked from its well suggest this could amount to a major liability.

The company has already clocked up potential fines of up to $9 billion, based on a possible $4,300 per barrel fine for polluting major waterways.

"It's important to understand how much oil was put into the system as we work to understand the ecological impacts in the short term and long term," said Timothy Crone, professor at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

"People need to know how much oil came out," Crone said in an interview. The paper, co-authored with Maya Tolstoy, will be published in the journal Science.
So it's all about money. Go figure. But you know what is NOT in either of these Articles? Read both Articles in total, and there is one thing that you will not see. The "BP Oil found on the Bottom of the Ocean." Remember that? They found a layer of Oil, some estimate 6 inches thick, 80 miles from the Deep Horizon Accident. They, being University of Georgia researcher Samantha Joye, and her team out to get BP. When they discovered the Oil, or at least what they think is Oil, she came right out and said "This has to be from BP. The Oil didn't disappear, it sank." Not even most Scientist at the time agreed with this asinine statement. The heavier components in Oil called the asphalts make up only about 1 percent of the oil that was spilled. Hardly enough to sink and cause this much Oil to be on the bottom 80 miles away. Yet they said that they would be testing it to find the "Chemical Fingerprints" that would conclusively link it to the BP spill.

So? It's now the 25th? Where are the test results? I'm willing to bet that they are in and it is NOT BP Oil. I would even be willing to bet that it is not as much as they claim. If it were, we would see headline news all over the place. "BP not done clean up." "Man-made Disaster grows." "Test link BP." Where is ANY news on the tests or this "Floor of Oil?" Anyone?

AP - Study shows latest government spill estimate right
Reuters -
Scientists give fresh estimate of Gulf oil spill

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