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Friday, September 24, 2010

Democrats Are Cowards

Intellectually dishonest as well.

Hey folks,

I've been waiting ALL week to say this. It's FRIDAY!! Happy Friday to ya. It really has been a LONG week this week. How was yours? Anyway, since it IS Friday, time to check in "From the Emails."

"Hey Pete, LOL short and sweet. What do you think?"

Reuters - Democrats delay tax vote until after election

(Reuters) - The Senate will not vote on whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts before the November elections, a spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Thursday.

Reid is facing united opposition from Republicans and some division among his own Democrats.

(Reporting by Kim Dixon)
{Laughing} Yup. That IS short. Yeah late Thursday, Reid's spokesman Jim Manley said this,

"We will come back in November and stay in session as long as it takes to get this done."
Truth is, the way the Democrats want to do it, they just do not have the Votes. The Republicans and the SANE Democrats, want to extend the tax credits for ALL. Obama and the Loons do not want to do that.

Senator Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), {Reid's "Number One"} said this.

"Harry will make the final decision on this, but the reality is we are not going to pass what needs to be passed to change this either in the Senate or in the House before the election. There's no evidence of any bipartisan spirit to deal with the bigger issues. We're hoping to get a continuing resolution passed, that's it, to continue the government until we return after the election."
Translation folks, They KNOW they need to extend ALL of them. However, they KNOW that they are in serious trouble in the Elections to start with. If they extend the Tax Credits to the "Rich" they fear that they will lose even more of their Kook Base.

They are gone. Out and about for the Weekend. Look for them in YOUR State. Let them know how you feel. {Smile} They will be back next week and they are all excited to pass a Bill dealing with shipping Jobs over Seas. They are trying to figure out how to penalize Corporations that send Jobs eleswhere. I can solve that right now. STOP OPPRESSING American Business with Taxation and Regulations. Stop tying to take over Private Industries. Create an environment that is positive for American Business. You want to see even more leave? Pass the VAT. Watch even more flee.

Yes folks, the real reason that the Cowards are going to wait until after the Election is because they are trying to reduce the bleeding from the beating that they KNOW that they are going to receive. They KNOW that they need to extend ALL the "Bush Tax Cuts." But that doesn't fit their Class Warfare mentality, and it will not make those that they have taught for YEARS, Rich evil, poor good and holy, happy. So they will go after Big Business again, hoping that will resonate amongst their Kook Base. Forget the REAL reason we have record high Unemployment is OBAMA and Liberal Policies, they need a Villain.

Should be interesting to watch this Lame Duck Session come November.

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