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Sunday, September 12, 2010

DLA for Sunday 091210

I just love this guy.

Hey folks,

Seriously. I really do love this guy.

What we need is more Chris Christies. Politicians NOT afraid to talk straight and to the point. Someone that has intelligences and the nerve to make tough choices.

You know, seriously, we should use Christie as a model. He is doing the right thing for those that live in NJ. He is EXTREMELY Popular. Some in Washington, on BOTH sides of the Isle, live and die by Polls. Hell, Clinton even polled where to go on vacation. Look at the approval rating for Congress and Obama now? Why? They are governing AGAINST the Will of the People. Congress has SINGLE Digit numbers. Obama is crashing. So why is Christie so popular? He is doing the RIGHT thing.

The American people WILL stand up behind you, if YOU do the RIGHT thing. Christie feels that he was hired BY THE PEOPLE, and is working FOR THE PEOPLE. Politicians, the Media, and even some on the Right, have some issues with him. Does this effect him? Nope. This is what we need in Washington.

Congratulations Gov. Chris Christie. You are the Winner of the Display of Logic Award. Keep up the good work.

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