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Sunday, September 05, 2010

You Bought the Imam's Book

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Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to you. Yup, I'm still sick. All I have done for the past two days is sleep, get up, take more drugs, sleep. But here I am, in The Chair, and THIS is the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. I AM of course, your Provocateur of thought, Peter Carlock and we have a bit of ground to cover today. Thanks for stopping by.

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We'll get to all that in a second. Did you know that you bought the "Ground Zero Mosque Imam's" new book? Yes you did. You did not just buy one, you bought 2,000 copies. I'm not making this up folks. according to Human Events Online - State Dept. Pressed for Imam Book Explanation by Emily Miller
The State Department spent $10,000 of taxpayer funds to buy 2,000 copies of the book written by Ground Zero mosque promoter Feisal Abdul Rauf. U.S. embassy employees are distributing the book during the imam’s taxpayer-funded tour to Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
Yup. YOU, me, and every other tax payer bought and paid for this Moron's Book.

But the arrangement calls into question whether the U.S. government’s funding of a book which promotes the Muslim religion is in violation of the 1st Amendment’s separation of church and state.

The State Department defends the right to distribute this book by saying the book is not “religious.” An official told HUMAN EVENTS that “we would consider a religious book to be something like the Koran and the Bible. We look at those as book on religion or books about religious.”
{Laughing} Can you imagine Ten Grand of your tax money being used to buy 2000 copies of Glenn Beck's Why Jesus Matters?" Think that they would be cool with that?

Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, told HUMAN EVENTS that the State Department’s “argument that only the Bible and the Koran are religious books makes no sense.”

“It’s inappropriate for the federal government to purchase and distribute this book,” the liberal Lynn said. “It’s just as bad if the government sent out a book by Glenn Beck on his view of Christianity.”
WOW! I'm in agreement with Lynn?!?!?

Lynn takes issue with State Department programs which pay for religious leaders like the imam to travel overseas. “There are dozens or hundreds of religious leaders sent to other countries—priests, ministers, rabbis and imams—and nobody is monitoring.”

The State Department is spending $16,000 as on Rauf’s tour of the Middle East as part of the “speakers program” within the Bureau of International Information Programs.

“There is no oversight by Congress of the taxpayer-paid religious leaders sent on overseas tours by the State Department,” says Lynn.

Asked about the Democrats ability to launch an investigation into the expenditure of funds and manpower on the imam’s book, Lynn seemed to concede that Republicans would take control of Congress in November. “They have a limited amount of time to do anything,” he said.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)—which litigates against Christian symbols such as the cross and Ten Commandments in public places—refused to comment on the Islamic book controversy.
So there you have it folks. YOU Bought the Moron's Book. YOU are paying for him to fly around the world to meet with our Enemies. AND People wonder WHY they think Obama is a Muslim?

Be right back.

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