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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama's Dream, America's Reality

The Green Dream is a Nightmare for many.

Hey folks,

Simply put, Obama lives in a land of concept, and ideas. He shares in the "Green Dream" that so many others on the more Liberal side truly desire. However, as with many Liberal Ideologies, the REALITY of the concept is nothing like the Dream.

The Dream, no more Oil at all. Reality? There is NOTHING to switch to. So in other words, welcome high Gas Prices so that it will speed up "The search for, and creation of, Green Alternatives." Reality? The Single Mom working two jobs can no longer afford to buy Gas to go to work. Reality? A Senior Citizen now has to chose to heat their Home or buy Food. The Dream? Place a Drilling Moratorium in place to protect us from any more "Deep Horizon Type" of accidents. Reality, one, ONE type of accident of this nature in over 65 years. Two, even if WE are not Drilling, OTHERS still are. In fact, the Government is loaning a Billion Dollars to Mexico to drill in the very waters where American Companies and workers have been banned.

So you see the truth and Reality of the situation, like so many things on the left, do not match the DREAM of the Left. Lets say that the Drilling Moratorium IS to protect us. How is banning US, yet paying OTHERS keeping us safe? Not only are we losing the money from the lack of Drilling, we are losing JOBS! We are PAYING Billions more, to others, to do what we could and should be doing ourselves.

So, the Drilling Ban will increase costs a bit. But we will get to Green quicker? No. But that is not even the REAL cost. The REAL cost is Jobs. People. REAL People. Not concepts or Ideals. REAL People. Here are some of them now.

The point is, REAL People are out of work. People with families. People who are consumers in this flagging Economy. Can't consume if you have no Job. Well, there is someone trying to do something about this. API has held Job Rallies across the Country. They have hit Five States but want YOU to be part of it. They decided that they wanted to make it possible for Americans everywhere to share their stories.

Therefore, beginning yesterday, and lasting through the rest of this week, (September 20-24) they've made it possible for thousands more Americans to join the cause in a Virtual March on Washington for Jobs and Economic Prosperity. If you were unable to attend any of the rallies in person, yet still want to be a part of it, this is a GREAT way you can get your Voice heard.

Simply click here to get started. You can take part in the virtual march on the National Mall, listen to speakers discuss the need for sound Energy Policies and Job Creation, send letters to Members of Congress, voice support through Facebook and Twitter and upload personal photos and videos.

Simply put, help make sure that the Dream, the Nightmare for so many, ends, and we can get back to work. The People can get back to work. They can start adding to the Economy once again. The Government can start collecting their share, which again, will help the Economy, and ensure that Energy costs remain reasonable. While your at it, tell Congress and the President that not only do we need to go back to work, we need to Drill MORE, Here, and NOW. More Jobs. More money to the Government, LESS Prices of Energy. Tell them, if you do, that you SHARE their "Green Dream" Yet, YOU live in Reality. Once the Dream becomes a VIABLE Reality, you will be more than happy to switch. But for now, we need to rely on what we NEED.

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