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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New Fire Shows Why We Need to Stop Drilling

No it really doesn't.

Hey folks,

This may be a week where I answer some of the questions that I have gotten over the last couple of days. First up, since it is Tuesday, lets check in at the Energy Front.

"Hey pete, this new fire shows why we need to stop all drilling. Does it not? perhaps this is not as rare as you and the other Righters want everyone to believe. I noticed you never even mentioned it. What do not like the truth?"

I have no problem with the truth. The TRUTH is that this had nothing to do with Drilling. Nor a malfunction of any kind with oil to begin with. It occurred while crews were performing normal routine maintenance and painting. It was out by mid afternoon. Here is what our friends over at Energy Tomorrow had to say about it.

Energy Tomorrow - Fire Doesn't Support Calls for the Moratorium
By Jane Van Ryan Friday 3 September 2010

Mariner Energy platform fire was an industrial
accident that should not be compared to the Deepwater Horizon. "There was no blowout, no explosion, no injuries, no spill," according to Patrick Cassidy, the company's director of investor relations. (
The New York Times)

Furthermore, the fire occurred during routine platform maintenance while crew members were cleaning and painting. It was not caused by any drilling or production operations. By mid-afternoon yesterday, the fire had been extinguished.

Also, the automatic safety valves worked swiftly to shut-in the oil and natural gas to protect the environment. A U.S. Coast Guard official yesterday said, "The company monitors each of these wells, and their data showed there's no flow." (
The New York Times)
Yeah I know, that doesn't fit the narrative. I know the Evironuts want you to think that the big one is right around the corner. Hell, they are STILL yelling out that the Oil from the Deep Horizon Accident is out there, lurking, waiting, I guess for everyone to go home, THEN it will cause the Natural Disaster that they were dreaming of.

The facts just do not line up with the Gloom and Doom of the Left. The FACTS remain that we need Oil. We NEED to Drill NOW and DRILL HERE. We Need to Vote the Children out of power and bring in some Adults that although may share the similar dream of a "Greener Earth," they have the ability to distinguish between the Dream and Reality. Those that understand that there is nothing out there to switch to. Those that understand we can work TOWARD a alternative, while we ensure that we have a sufficient amount of what we NEED.

Do not be fooled folks this fire has nothing to do with drilling. That is why I did not talk about it. As Patrick said "There was no blowout, no explosion, no injuries, no spill." So really, what IS there to talk about? It really was a non-event.

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