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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Message To Republicans

Wake Up Republicans.

Hey folks,

I've said this all before. Conservatism is on the march. Make no mistake about it. This is why so many Democrats are Bailing. Why so many are distancing themselves from Obama. Why so many Blue Blood Country Club Republicans and RINOs are discovering that they are leaning on the wrong side, and being rejected by the American People. That is also why the Media, the Liberals, and even some Country Club, establishment Republicans, are in attack mode. Why they is insulting Tea Party Members. They KNOW they can win.

There are something like 32 BLACK Conservatives running. That alone puts the template of Republicans being Racist, Chauvinistic, Hate filled, Homophobes, to rest. They ALL want the Tea Party to back them. And the Tea Party is not only backing true Conservatives, they are ensuring their win. It matters NOT what the establishment says.

They, I'm talking about and to the Republicans, they said Christie couldn't win in New Jersey. While he is attacking Unions, and cutting things that the Left and the Media deem "Sacred," he is enjoying a 54 percent approval rating. What is Obama's? The Congress? They say Rubio can't win in Florida. He's up 16 points now in the Republican Senate race. They came out a ATTACKED, again, I'm talking to and about the REPUBLICANS, they came out and ATTACKED Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. AFTER her win, some on the Right STILL attacked her.

We are seeing a trend now. We already know that Conservatism is on the rise all throughout the WORLD. Not just here, but in many places around the Globe. Many have picked up on this. Some have even found that you do not have to have an R after your name to win. All you have to do is actually possess the ability to think. denounce, and reject insanity, and actually run AGAINST Liberal Loon Policies.

Talking about Rubio, he said this Tuesday night in Orlando.

"If we stay on this road we're on right now, if we continue to do the things that they are doing now in Washington, this nation will not continue to be exceptional. Period. We will lose the things that make us unique, that help us stand apart from the rest of the world. This election is not a choice between simply a Republican and a Democrat and an opportunist." (laughter and applause)

"This election is a referendum on our identity. That's what you're being asked to answer here, is who do you want to continue to be? Do you want to become like every other country? Because if we stay on this road, we will. Or do you want to continue to be special?"
Folks, doing the right thing gets you rewarded with the right things. We need more Conservatives, Male, Female, Black White, Red, I do not care Sex, Race, nor Religion. What I do care about is Conservatism, Right and Wrong, and the willingness to actually listen to those putting them into power. Listening to The People. If they DO, they will be rewarded.

Sanity is winning. Forget what you will hear today in the State Run MMD {Mass Media Drones} that simply repeat whatever the White House tells them. This IS without doubt, referendum on the EXTREME Liberal Loon Policies that we have been seeing since Obama and Crew were elected. It IS a referendum on Politics first, People second. The PEOPLE in this country WANT our Country BACK from Politicians that care only for Power, Money and Control. We WANT those in Power that care ONLY about the next election, to go away now. We WANT a Government FOR the People and BY the People. Not in theory, but in Practice. The Arrogant, Selfish, Deceitful, Haters of the REAL America, need not apply. Republicans? YOU had better decide which side YOU want to be on.

Republicans? Stop THINKING you know better what the American People want, and start listening TO the American People. Find and fall behind TRUE Conservatives, and you will win Elections. It really is not that hard a concept. We do not want Socialism. We want repeal, repeal, repeal. We do not want RINOs. We want repeal, repeal, repeal. We do not want Moderates, or Liberal Light. We want repeal, repeal, repeal.

We WANT Conservatism. We WANT people who will not become the Establishment. We want those that will CHANGE it for the better. We do not want to reach across the Isle. We want to DEFEAT the Left, not join them. We want SANITY. There seems to be none on the Left at this time. Not in their Leadership anyway. Now people like Reid are talking about Amnesty again. A couple of YOUR choices of Candidates said that they would work WITH the Left to bring it about. Some of YOUR choice Candidates said that they would work with the Left on Cap and Tax. Some of YOUR choice Candidates have said they LIKE Obamacare. The American People have spoken. We want NONE of it. Are YOU listening?

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