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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Liberal Disguised As A Man of The Cloth

Interestingly, HE never mentions Jesus, nor points out where Beck is wrong.

Hey folks,

Happy Hump Day. So they are still talking about the "Restoring Honor" Rally in Washington DC this past Saturday. As I told you before, Liberals ALWAYS attack what they fear. Some are still attempting to get you to believe that this was nothing more than a few thousand White, Racists. Notice how NO ONE is talking about the numbers of the Rev. Sharpton Rally? {Smile}

They HATE the fact that nearly a half Million of you were there. They HATE the fact that Glenn Beck, well, breaths, was there. They HATE the fact that the word GOD was mentioned. They HATE that this was actually a successful Rally.

So this Liberal, disguised as a Man of God, and I know a few, gets his Op-Ed published in the Washington Post. Entitled Glenn Beck's generic God. Oh yeah, they HATE Fox News too. It starts off with this.

Fox News host Glenn Beck muddled biblical references with fragments of American history, recreating a pottage of civil religion that says America has a divine destiny and claiming that a national revival is beginning.
Well, he is RIGHT. This guy HATES the fact that Beck DARED to invoke God, and put God in America again. He HATES that Beck talked about the Founding Fathers and the whole reason that they formed this Country. FREEDOM. With that FREEDOM, the number one component is Freedom OF Religion. This guy obviously knows nothing about the REAL History of this Country.

At the very beginning of the "Restoring Honor" Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Beck proclaimed, "Something beyond imagination is happening. Something that is beyond man is happening. America today begins to turn back to God."
I have talked about the Moral Decline in this Country for years. I did a whole series on it. It is happening right in front of us. From Liberals attempting to remove God from Schools to all Public places, to the incorrect and non-existent "Wall," we are left with what we have now. Beck talked about America, and even some Churches appear to be asleep, and this slumber is what is allowing all this to take place. This slumber is what causes people, even people of Faith, to allow someone like Obama and his Regime to come in and take over. This is how Tyranny begins. Good people doing nothing.

Beck compares America's history with the Jews that were lead to the promised land by Moses. He talked about what happened after God's chosen people got to the promised land. They fell asleep. They forgot WHY they we there. They forgot WHO it was that freed them. They turned to idols and lust. You all know the story. Well, Glenn compared that to the way America seems to be heading today. We forget that we are here because of FREEDOM. We are here because of God. We ARE a Christian Nation. Sorry, but we are.

He went on to highlight what I guess he found incorrect. I don't. Beck was a hundred percent on the money. He is correct on his comparison. He at no time said America was the Promised Land. He said that America is the story of Humanity. Then this Liberal said this. THIS is one of the things that Liberals fear most.

Warning that Americans were at a crossroad and had to decide what they believed, Beck said, "Abraham Lincoln found God in the stars of Gettysburg. He was baptized and gave the second inaugural. He looked to God and set men free. America awakened again."

He soon segued to Moses.

"Moses freed them. Then they forget. They wander until they remember that God is the answer. He always has been. And then they begin to trust," said Beck.

"Have trust in the Lord. And recognize that Moses and Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were men. They were just like you...Man makes a difference. What is it that these men have that you don't?...The answer is nothing...They relied on God...America is great because America is good...We as individuals must be good so America can be great. America is at a crossroads...Look to God," pled the TV talk-show host.
Liberals HATE God. That means that A - there is something bigger than them. B- there are truly consequences for actions. THEY want to be the final authority in all things. They can't be, if there is a God.

Then he illustrates another thing Liberals HATE. The Military. The fact that we are here, Free, and that Freedom comes with a price.

Mixing Christian faith with military images, the rally included video clips of soldiers, flags and eagles. The Bible was also read.
Yup. Men and Women have paid the ultimate price for this Freedom. They will still defend it today, because it is WORTH defending. Even if those that are receiving the benefit do not understand it, nor appreciate it.

C. L. Jackson, pastor of Houston's Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, prayed for the "ministry of Glenn Beck."
Wait a Black guy? Quick, say that doesn't matter. Look, look. Nothing but White people.

The crowd - as viewed on Beck's own streaming video broadcast - had very, very few people of color.

The white audience listened at one point as two African-American men read different passages from the Bible and two Africa-American women sang solos with recorded tracks.

Another African-American woman, Alveda King, a niece of Martin Luther King Jr., gave a sermon, referencing "Uncle Martin," failing public education, the "womb war" and hope that prayer would one day be welcomed back in public schools.
{Laughing} Nothing but White Racists, uh, listening to Black people over and over again. Must have been rough for them. Then Dr. Alveda King? She decided that THIS Rally was more important than the one for her Uncle MLK Jr. over there hosted by Rev. Sharpton? These White Racists must have hated that even more. {Smile}

Truth is, there were people from EVERY walk of life. Every Color, Faith, "Class," every where. But I know, I know, that doesn't fit the narrative.

No amount of Bible reading, sermons masquerading as prayers and Christian hymns can cover up Beck's civil religion that slides back and forth between the Bible and nationalism, between authentic faith and patriotic religion.

He treats the "American scripture" - such as the Gettysburg Address - as if it bears the same revelatory weight as Christian Scripture.
One of the problems that we have now. We have forgotten, or most, do not even KNOW what the Gettysburg Address, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the REAL American Ideal is all about. They do not even know what they say. That is one of Beck's points.

Then this guy, decides as Liberals do, that he knows better what is in Glenn's heart and mind than Glenn does.

What is important to Beck is belief in God - God generically - not a specific understanding of God revealed in the biblical witness, but God who appears in nature and from which one draws universal truths.
Then he repeats Liberal talking points in reference to the Bible. None of it true. Not the way Liberals want you to believe. He says Beck and implies, anyone that believes as Beck, do not listen to the Bible when it talks about "the practice of social justice, the pursuit of peacemaking, the protection of the poor in the formation of community." Sorry, but this is some of the things that most "religious" Liberals, or better yet, those that seek to manipulate the Faithful with the Bible, use to promote Liberal agendas. Problem is, they are not correct in their, uh, shall we say interpretation? Just not.

Now all through this, I have been pointing out what Liberals HATE. Substitute the word HATE, for the word FEAR. You can always know what Liberals FEAR, because that is that of which they attack.

America IS starting to wake up. The Obama Regime is not going to have a good November. The Liberals have governed AGAINST the Will of the PEOPLE for way too long. The PEOPLE are tired of it. We have tried it the Liberal Way, time to get back to basics.

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