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Friday, November 12, 2010

Pictures Of Aborted Babies On Planned Parenthood Doors

Pictures of Aborted Babies on the "Morning After Pill."

Hey folks,

"Hey there Pete. I know that you stopped smoking. At least I think you did. But you have always been as smoking advocate. I'm just wondering what you think of this."
I do not know if I would call myself a Smoking Advocate. I am all about FREEDOM. It's Legal. The Government makes a Boat Load of money on the Taxes. It is a product for Adults. If you chose to smoke, then it's YOUR choice. It's called Freedom.

There is NO, til this very day, NO, absolute Proof that second Hand Smoke caused ANYTHING but annoyance to others. I know, I know. They have told the lie so often most just accept it as fact. Is it bad for you? Yup. Should you refrain from it? Yup. If you never start, should you never start? Yup. Is it hard to quit? Of course.

Smoking is bad for you. It DOES cause sickness and disease in some people. It is a Crapshoot. A Gamble. Like playing Russian Roulette. Does it mean that if you smoke you WILL die of some hideous, and horrifying disease? No. But there is a better chance of it than if you do not smoke.

That's not good enough for the Liberal busybodies out there. Those that think that they know better than you what is best for you. No. They NOW want to put obscene pictures on Pacts of Cigarettes. Here is the Link: AOL Health - Feds Want Corpses, Rotting Teeth on Cigarette Packages

(Nov. 10) -- Images of corpses, rotting teeth and diseased lungs will take up half the space on a pack of cigarettes, under federal proposals unveiled today.

The graphic new labels are designed to scare smokers into quitting by showing what can happen to them. The warnings are required under a law passed last year that gave the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate tobacco products.

The FDA is proposing a new requirement that cigarette packs carry larger, graphic warning labels to cover half of the package -- both front and back.
Click through to see some examples of the labels.

The proposed warnings can be seen on the FDA website. Among the most brutal: a corpse with a toe tag; stained, rotten teeth in a mouth with a gaping sore; babies surrounded by cigarette smoke; and a set of diseased, blackened lungs shown next to a pair of healthy, pink ones.

"Today marks an important milestone in protecting our children and the health of the American public," said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
OK, so they want to put these picture on Packs of cigarettes to show what MIGHT happen to you if you smoke. To Show the reality of Smoking. OK. Then LETS show the reality of another CHOICE. Abortion.

Yup. I'll be all for the warning photos on Cigarettes, that depict what COULD happen to you if you smoke too much, as long as they start posting pictures of Aborted babies, on the doors of Planned Parenthood. What about on the "Morning After Pill?" This is not what COULD happen. This is WHAT DOES HAPPEN. This is the end result of THAT choice. You want to deal with Reality. Then LETS deal with Reality.

Yes it is true that some who smoke will get sick. I know. Believe me. But it is NOT true that EVERYONE who smokes will get sick. Look at someone like George Burns. My Friend Vera. Others out there. These folks smoked their whole lives and lived into their 90s and into their 100s. Yet, some people that have NEVER Smoked, still die of Cancer. Like I said, it a Crapshoot.

However, if a Woman goes into Planned Parenthood, and says I no longer want this Baby, well, the end result IS the Death and Destruction of the LIFE. I know, some think showing the pictures are hideous and outrageous. Why? THAT is dealing in Reality. That IS what happens. That IS the end result of that choice. So what's the problem?

OH. I see. It's only offensive if you do something to offend Liberals. Smokers are too stupid to know that it's bad for them. People are too stupid to know what they should and shouldn't eat. You are too stupid to know what kind of light bulbs to put in your house. Too stupid to know what kind of Car to drive, and what temperature to keep your home. But those who willing seek to MURDER their own Child? Well, they need not see those hideous pictures. "No, no, no. That is just propaganda and an attempt to brainwash some poor innocent Woman into keeping her Child. That's just wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting such a thing." {Sigh}No that is showing Reality.

You're all for it for Smokers. Why not for Murdered Babies? THAT would be showing Reality.

AOL Health - Feds Want Corpses, Rotting Teeth on Cigarette Packages

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