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Sunday, November 14, 2010

IWA For Sunday 111410

I think he's an Idiot for doing what he's doing to himself.

Hey folks,

Yet, he wants to FORCE you to his way of thinking as well. Time to wrap things up with the Idiot of the Week. We have already met this Idiot. He is Lloyd Schofield. This is the guy running around trying to get 7000 signatures to put on the November Ballot a measure that will outlaw Circumcisions in San Francisco.

Now HE posted this on his Facebook page.
I first discovered/realized the harm my infant circumcision caused me when I was 52. I began restoring my foreskin as soon as I realized that it was possible. So far, I am very pleased with my progress. Not only do I appreciate the sense of security by having a more natural covering for my penis, both my wife and I appreciate the pleasure that comes from having a foreskin. We have cut back on our use of lube, and she never gets sore from extended sex.
Now I'm sorry, but if you have to use lube, then you are not doing it right folks. Sorry. But Foreplay, done right, will eliminate the need. As for Extended Sex? Not sure why she is getting sore. Maybe again, you are not doing it right?

As I realize the benefits of having a foreskin, I become more dismayed that my parents had my sex organ altered shortly after my birth. It is up to each one of to take responsibility for what we do on this Earth.
Now, OK. So this guy reads some Liberal Website mumbo-jumbo about Foreskins and what, uh, Male "Rights?" So he decides to go and have his Foreskin restored. OK. He's a Kook. But whatever. But he is not stopping there. And THIS is why he is our Idiot of the Week. Like any good little Lib, he will not be happy until he forces EVERYONE to believe and follow HIS point of view.

I hope to leave this planet better than I found it. The way I choose to do this is to fight for those who cannot fight. I am an Intactivist fighting for genital integrity for all. I wish someone had spoken up when I was born. I am speaking up for those yet to be born.
So he wants it to be on the Ballot. I told you about this CBS News Article - Circumcision Ban May End Up on S.F. Ballot. This is where we learned that he is out there trying to OUTLAW Circumcisions.

“It’s genital mutilation,” said Lloyd Schofield, the author of a San Francisco ballot measure that would make it a “misdemeanor to circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the…genitals” of a person under 18.

“You shouldn’t be performing cosmetic surgery for other people,” said Schofield
He gives us the REAL reason behind all this. He actually said this.

“Tattooing a child is banned as a felony and circumcision is more harmful than a tattoo,” said Schofield, who believes religious traditions should change.

“People can practice whatever religion they want, but your religious practice ends with someone else’s body,” said Schofield. “It’s a man’s body and…his body doesn’t belong to his culture, his government, his religion or even his parents. It’s his decision.”
So again I ask, does this mean that you are Pro-Life Mr. Schofield? After all, is it not a person's body that will be MURDERED against their Will? Are you speaking up for them? Will you recommend a measure to Outlaw Abortion? I doubt it. But just like a good Liberal, he also wants to impose his belief over Religion. He wants the Government to enforce HIS view on those that gave us Circumcision. Now we already talked about all this in the Health and Science Segment. But it IS the Jewish Tradition that brought Circumcision to the mainstream.

The first five books of Hebrew Bible (Torah) compiled, including Genesis has references to Yaweh’s {God} command to Abraham to Circumcise himself, his Sons and his Slaves and Servants. Circumcision has been enforced by Priests among Jewish people as sign of the Covenant. This evolved into other Religions and Mainstream Life in all Denominations and even the Non-Religious. The Non-Religious do it for the Health Reasons that are pretty much clear that Circumcision is better than non.

So this guy wants to play with himself, uh, I mean, restore his Foreskin, then great for him. But we need to make sure that the Government stays the hell out of our Private, talk about PRIVATE, lives and decisions. This has been done for THOUSANDS of years. Now this MORON wants to outlaw it because HE doesn't believe it should be done?

Congratulations Lloyd Schofield, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. Now you do not have to keep it in your Pants, but stay the hell out of mine.

Have a great rest of Weekend. See you soon folks.

1 comment:

Tina said...

This measure would simply update the existing law that protects girls from assault to their genitals, to also include boys.

To those who oppose this measure, let me see if I understand your reasoning correctly:

A man has NO right to control his own body, as long as he's an infant... but at some point (is it age 16? 21? or when he's achieved fatherhood? or some other criteria?), that same man now DOES have a right to control not only his own body (too bad it's too late for his most sensitive erogenous tissue), but also the bodies of other people...? No wait, only if those other people are boys, but not girls...?

Whereas a woman HAS a right to control her body, even as an infant...? but when she meets some criteria, then she can ALSO control the bodies of boys... but not girls?

Seems pretty twisted to me.