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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

EPA, One of Many Things, Needs To Be Reeled In

Obama gave them WAY to much power.

Hey folks,

We all know that Obama and this Administration is all about "Green." Which of course means nothing more than they are all about Power, Control, and of course, Money. Obama SAID he would bankrupt the Coal Industry and your Energy Costs would "Necessarily Skyrocket" under his Cap and Tax Plan. You all know all this.

However, HE knows that even with the total control of the House and Senate, he did not have enough Votes to get it through. Too many Sane Democrats that would not, and not enough RINOS to, Vote for it.

So what to do, what to do? Give the EPA, nearly unlimited power to do it for ya. This way when it hits the fan, you can say, "Hey, wasn't me, it was the EPA." If there is to be a GREAT back lash to it, then Obama and Crew could come in for the rescue, and attack the very TOOL that they are using to get Cap and Tax. Get the point?

So the EPA, through it's "Clean Air Act," is set to completely destroy Private Industries. The EPA proposed 42 significant regulations, with an annual Economic impact of $100 Million or more, during the Administration's first 18 months. One of the most damaging and outrageous, is the "New Ozone Standard." When this is implemented, the experts say it will cost ANOTHER 7.3 Million U.S. Jobs, and raise the cost of EVERYTHING in your daily life.

SUMMARY: Based on its reconsideration of the primary and secondary national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for ozone (O3) set in March 2008, EPA proposes to set different primary and secondary standards than those set in 2008 to provide requisite protection of public health and welfare, respectively.

With regard to the primary standard for O3, EPA proposes that the level of the 8-hour primary standard, which was set at 0.075 ppm in the 2008 final rule, should instead be set at a lower level within the range of 0.060 to 0.070 parts per million (ppm), to provide increased protection for children and other ‘‘at risk’’ populations against an array of O3- related adverse health effects that range from decreased lung function and increased respiratory symptoms to serious indicators of respiratory morbidity including emergency department visits and hospital admissions for respiratory causes, and possibly cardiovascular-related morbidity as well as total nonaccidental and cardiopulmonary mortality. With regard to the secondary standard for O3, EPA proposes that the secondary O3 standard, which was set identical to the revised primary standard in the 2008 final rule, should instead be a new cumulative, seasonal standard expressed as an annual index of the sum of weighted hourly concentrations, cumulated over 12 hours per day (8 am to 8 pm) during the consecutive 3-month period within the O3 season with the maximum index value, set at a level within the range of 7 to 15 ppm-hours, to provide increased protection against O3-related adverse impacts on vegetation and forested ecosystems.

Folks, this is all a bunch of gobbledygook. It really MEANS nothing. Just a bunch of numbers that some have come up with to further an agenda. Remember, it was the EPA that declared CO2 as a Pollutant to begin with. It's NOT. Our Ecosystem needs CO2 to survive. But think of all those regulations that they can levy if just by you BREATHING you are polluting the Planet.

They know this is all Bunk. All Political. Why else do you think that they came out on Tuesday, yes Election Day, when the Republicans TRAMPLED the Democrats all across the country, to say that it would postpone the release of the new Ozone Standard until the end of the year. My guess is that it will be shelved. They know that their new found Authority can be limited by the New House. They will not want to push it. My guess would be that they will attempt to lay low for the next two years in the hopes that the Democrats take over again in 2012.

We really can not afford to wait. We need to reign in their power and Authority NOW. Battles are already being fought in the Courts over the new GHG Emissions Regulations that go into effect on Jan. 2, 2011. This will effect the usual enemies of the Left, Industrial Facilities, and Power Plants. But it will effect much more than that. In total, over 6.1 million, including Hospitals, Big Box Stores and even Farms, among other Establishments. It will FORCE them to get NEW Permits to Operate or Expand. Whatever the EPA decides. Talk about a "Cash Cow."

This is CLEARLY a way for this Administration to get Cap and Tax, without having to go through Congress. Just like all those Obama 'Czars' that he appointed. They did not go through Congress. We have no idea what they are paid. They answer to NO ONE but Obama. That is what he is trying to do with Cap and Tax.

Make no mistake about this folks. Yes, WE WON. However, other than slowing down and minimizing the damage, I'm not so sure how much rebuilding and restoring we will be able to do. Obama still has the Veto Pen. However, we can not, NOT do anything. We need to MAKE HIM Veto Commonsense and Logic. MAKE him Veto Sanity. Over and Over again. Bring back Drill Here, Drill Now. MAKE him Veto it. Repeal Obamacare. MAKE him Veto it. Let's Show the World, who are getting it folks, who Obama really is. Lets guarantee that he is OUT in 2012, so that REAL healing can begin.

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