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Sunday, November 21, 2010

IWA For Sunday 112110

To Murder or Not?

Hey folks,

Over the years, I have seen many soon to be Parents, create websites, ads in the Newspapers, ETC, asking for help in picking Baby Names. I have no problem with that at all. My soon to be {Not soon enough for Laura} Son's name has gone from Jonathan, to Elijah. Eli for short. So who knows if it may change again by January.

When I saw him, Sonogram, Jonathan Michaels popped into my head. EVERYONE and their Brother, Sister, Cousin, Neighbor's Brother's Second Child, said NO. Not a good name. He should be Elijah.

REALLY? EVERYONE said Elijah. I'm not kidding. EVERYONE. So I called Celeste, my Cousin and said you know, everyone says Elijah, but what in the world would a second name be. She, without thinking, said James. Now he is Elijah James.

However, if I was bent on Jonathan, I could CLEARLY see me putting the two to a test. Let YOU have a say in the two. But to decide to MURDER your Child? That is Idiotic. Hence, our Idiot / s of the Week. According to the UK Telegraph - US couple set up poll to decide if they should opt for abortion
A Minnesota couple are leaving the decision about whether they should get an abortion up to an online poll posted on a website showing ultrasounds of the healthy, 16-week old fetus dubbed "Wiggles".
That is all you really need to read on this. They even attempted to what, make it cute? "Wiggles?" Obviously they NAMED something that is ALIVE. They are letting others decide if it is allowed to live?
Pete and Alisha Arnold, both 30, insisted that the website is not a prank or a convoluted anti-abortion campaign, in an interview posted on

"We are taking this very seriously," Pete Arnold told Gawker, adding that while the poll will influence their decision heavily, it won't be binding.

"It's kind of like Congress. They might vote for something, but the president has the final veto," he said. "If it's overwhelming one way or the other, that will carry a lot more weight."
They are Polling to Murder their child. Other than being completely idiotic and SICK, these people show that they are so desperate for attention, they will do anything. What's the score?
The poll results were pretty much split before the article was posted, but the publicity garnered a significant amount of votes - and vitriolic comments - and was at 81 percent in favor of giving birth and 19 percent in favor of abortion by Thursday evening.
When you dig further into this couple, you find that they either are just seeking fame, or they are completely Moronic.
The Arnolds said they've been married for 10 years and went through two miscarriages earlier this year. They set up because they're not sure they're ready for parenthood.
So they both apparently WANTED kids. Two Miscarriages are not easy things to get over. One is bad enough, but TWO? Now that they have gotten Pregnant a THIRD time, "they're not sure they're ready for parenthood?"I agree with those leaving comments on their sight.
One third of 545 commentators were against abortion; their strong feeling summed up in this comment: "You guys are sick. Give that poor child up for adoption after you have him, maybe then he'll have a chance at some semblance of normalcy. God knows he won't get it with you."
Absolutely true. I feel sorry for the Kid. He will be born into another one of those Families that will simply use him to get their 15 minutes. Balloon Boy anyone?

Congratulations Pete and Alisha Arnold, you ARE the Idiots of the Week. Why not put up a Poll on whether or not YOU should commit Suicide? I would be willing to bet that you would have more people saying you should, than you have saying you should Murder your Unborn BABY. You may not be sure you are ready to be Parents, but I'm not sure that the World is ready for another couple of Stupid Idiots in it. We'll have to Poll it. But don't worry, although the Poll will influence our decision heavily, it won't be binding.

UK Telegraph - US couple set up poll to decide if they should opt for abortion

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