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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pelsoi Fails To Understand Economics 101

"What do you think of this? Some Democrats get it. They want to extend Bush Tax Cuts. She is not one of them."

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to you. Time to go to the Emails. "What do you think of this?" Well, you already know what I think of Pelosi. She is a Twit. But make no mistake about it, the Loony Left does NOT want to extend ANY of the Bush Tax Cuts. They are just saying this, because the KNOW you are about to throw them out. "Keep us is, and we will extend the Bush Tax Cuts." No they won't. Listen to Pelosi. She fails to understand Economics 101. Or, what I rather believe, she is LYING to you.

Here is a Video of her remarks. She actually said this.

"My stance is that the Bush-era tax cuts contributed to the deficit, did not create any jobs and that they should be repealed,"
She could not possibly be more wrong. She sounds incredibly ignorant here. She actually blames the Tax Cuts for the Highest end, who pays the MAJORITY of ALL taxes, for increasing the deficit "Trillions of dollars." She is a TWIT. When bush left office, the Deficit was around 700 BILLION. The 14 TRILLION dollar Deficit is all Obama and Crew.

Here is the link of what this person is talking about.

The Wall Street Journal Market Watch - Pelosi rejects extending Bush-era tax cuts

House speaker says high-end cuts have boosted deficit By Robert Schroeder, MarketWatch

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Democratic leaders won't back an extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, even as two more Senate Democrats were calling for extending tax cuts for all earners.

Asked at her weekly news conference if Democratic leaders are willing to consider extending the cuts, Pelosi replied: "No. Our position has been that we support middle-income tax cuts."

Tax breaks enacted in 2001 and 2003, during George W. Bush's presidency, are set to expire at the end of this year. Among the changes: the top individual tax rate would rise to 39.6% from 35%, and the tax rate on long-term capital gains for middle- and upper-income people would rise to 20% from 15%. Read more about Bush-era tax cuts from the Tax Foundation.

Thursday morning, The Wall Street Journal reported that Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad said Congress shouldn't allow taxes on the wealthy to rise until the economy is on a sounder footing. Meanwhile, Sen. Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, also said through a spokesman that he supports extending all the expiring tax cuts for now. Nelson also wants to offset the impact on federal deficits as much as possible.

In rejecting an extension of the cuts, Pelosi said they've increased the deficit "enormously." They didn't create jobs in the eight years of the Bush administration, she added.

At least half a dozen House Democrats have also come out publicly in favor of postponing tax increases for higher earners, the Journal noted.

Republicans favor extending the breaks, but President Barack Obama and most Democrats want to extend only those breaks benefitting those who make $250,000 or less.

Robert Schroeder is a reporter for MarketWatch in Washington.

Complete and utter BS folks. They are not going to keep ANY of them. They will not cut ANY taxes. They keep adding and talking about adding MORE. Truth is, the Tax cuts WORKED. This is why some Democrats SAY that they want to extend them. But Pelosi? Well, she is a TWIT. She has an agenda, Obama's, and she is sticking to it.

Have a great Weekend. See you Sunday.

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