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Sunday, July 04, 2010

DLA For Sunday 070410

No doubt about it.

Hey folks,

OK. We all expect Kagan to be appointed the next Supreme Court Justice to replace out going Justice John Paul Stevens, the Retiring 90-year-old Liberal. First, The democrats have the Majority. Barring the Republicans growing a set and blocking the Vote, the Dems have it.

Yet, since the Republicans want to concentrate on other things, and she, as Liberal and as activist as she is, she will be replacing what some call a Liberal Lion. So the landscape, the balance of the Court will not change, and no matter WHO Obama would choose to replace HER, would be a Liberal Loon as well. He is. So in some of the Republicans minds, why bother? Right?

But the U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement Friday.

“In her testimony this week, Ms. Kagan acknowledged that it is ‘difficult to take off the advocate’s hat and put on the judge’s hat.’ That difficulty is particularly acute for someone like Ms. Kagan, who has spent so much of her adult life practicing the art of political advocacy rather than practicing law.

“Unfortunately, Ms. Kagan failed to explain how she could overcome that difficulty, falling well short, in fact, of meeting her own standard for providing the Senate helpful testimony. She was far from forthcoming in discussing her own views on basic principles of American constitutional law. For example, she refused to repudiate her alarming position in the Supreme Court that the federal government can ban core political speech if it dislikes the speaker, including speech with a long and venerable history in our country, like political pamphlets.

“I do not have confidence that if she were confirmed to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court she would suddenly constrain the ardent political advocacy that has marked much of her adult life. The American people expect a justice who will impartially apply the law, not one who will be a rubberstamp for the Obama administration or any other administration. For these reasons, I will oppose Ms. Kagan’s confirmation.”
At least he is telling us that he recognizes the TRUTH about this twit. At least he will stand up and take a stand. I hope all the Republicans follow suit. She is a BAD choice to give a lifetime of power to in the courts. She doesn't care about the Declaration of Independence, Freedom, nor Liberty. Well, unless that means sticking it to White people. Then she is all for it. But she is NOT going to be an impartial Judge. She doesn't like the Constitution any more than Obama does. She would LOVE to be able to change it. Or do away with it all together. So would he.

So Congratulation Senator Mitch McConnell, for being intelligent enough to recognize and for being bold enough to come out and tell us, the truth, you are the winner of the Display of Logic Award this week. Happy Independence Day to you Sir. May we have another come November 2, 2010.

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