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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Judge Arizona Illegal Immigration Ruling

"Just another liberal idiot. Don't you think?"

Hey folks,

"So gov. Brewer is taking this to the 9th circus court as you call it. I bet it will stand there."

Uh, yeah. But you are not really going to like me here in a second. Happy Friday to you. Since it is Friday, time to go to the Emails. I got a few, all dealing with Judge Susan Bolton's Ruling to stave off provisions of the New Arizona Law, dealing with Illegal Aliens.

Many are extremely upset over this, and have resulted to calling the Judge Names and saying that she is nothing more than a Liberal Hack, perhaps even pressured by Obama and Crew to Rule this way.

All this MAY be true. However, and some of you are about to be VERY unhappy with me here, I think she may have done the right thing, LEGALLY, here. {Sigh} I know, I know, I'm an Idiot. Right? Look, you all know where I stand on this. I applaud Gov Brewer's decision, and her boldness on this issue. I agree, along with 70 plus percent of the rest of you, that this is not only logical, and commonsense, but it is needed is EVERY State. It really is simple, come here legally, we welcome you with open arms. Don't and you are a CRIMINAL.

I agree, that this Arizona Law, as we have talked about. I even posted it, is nothing more than a Law to ENFORCE Federal Law. It is NOT opposite to the Federal Law. It is not opposed to it. It does not "override it." It IS a mirror image of it.

OK. Here we go. Ready? There are seven lawsuits are seeking to block implementation of the law, signed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in April. The Law went into effect Thursday. SEVEN. Including of course, Obama and Crew. They ALL, take issue with requiring the Police to check the Immigration Status of those arrested for other crimes. Nothing wrong with that, but they ALL object to that. They ALL object to Immigrants being forced to, like everyone else here, to carry ID with them. Try to rent a Car, write a Check, buy Cigarettes, Beer, go to do whatever on a daily bases, and someone will ask to see your ID. Now, thanks to this Ruling, Illegals do not have to. They ALL object to the no congregating in Public Places, {Standing on Corners, at Store Fronts, ETC. looking for day work}

So this Judge said, since this Law is about to go into effect, and the Judge seems to agree with some of the objections, even though she can not rule on them, she finds MERIT with them, she basically said, until these court cases are settled, you cannot enforce these certain provisions. She put THEM on hold. NOT the entire Law. Once decided, this Law and ALL Provisions can CLEARLY go into effect. She did NOT Rule this Law unconstitutional, nor did she Bar the entire Law, just those provisions that SEVEN Active Lawsuits are dealing with.

Basically, what she did, was hit the Pause Button. Imagine if you will, this Law goes into effect and hundreds of arrests are made, and these Provisions are followed, because it IS the Cops job to enforce the Law. Then, some Idiot Judge Rules it unconstitutional, and now all these cases would have to be revisited. The Cop, County, State, and everyone else will be sued. It would be a mess. So this Judge, said lets wait to see how these Cases DEALING with it, plays out FIRST.

Now before you flood my Email with the Judge's words, here is the complete Ruling. I understand what she said. I understand that in some of this, she does seem to agree with the Obama Regime. I understand that it appears she may have bought into the opposition's argument. Yet, again, she did not Rule the Law Unconstitutional, nor did she say "You can not enforce any of it. She in essence, said, lets wait to see what happens.

No matter who wins these Lawsuits, the opposition WILL appeal, and it WILL end up in the Supreme Court. Gov. Brewers response?

You know that it doesn't matter if the Left is shot down or not. They will take it all the way. As we have seen, they care not for the rule of Law to begin with. Gov. Brewer will take it all the way. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

I know that this Judge was appointed by Clinton. That's all I really know about her. Is she a Lib Loon? Maybe. Did the Obama Regime get to her? Maybe. That would not be beyond possible. But from a LEGAL stand point? Sorry. But I think she may have done the right thing.

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