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Sunday, July 11, 2010

But Obamacare says "Do Not Worry About Cancer Tests"

Health and Science Segment for Sunday 071110

Hey folks,

Did you catch this? According to USA News Week - Breast, Colon Cancer Screening Rates Rising, Says Reports

According to U.S. health officials, despite the increase in number of people getting screened for colon and breast cancer, many are still not getting the tests and thousands are dying due to their negligence.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released two reports, which showed that rates of recommended screening for colon cancer have risen from 52 percent of adults in 2002 to 63 percent in 2008. In case of women just over 81 percent of women aged 50 to 74 were getting mammograms as recommended by 2008. It is nearly the same as in 2006.
So what they are saying is not enough people are getting tests, and hence NOT getting early enough detection, hence they are dying unnecessarily. It goes on to say this.

"Most deaths from colon cancer could be prevented by screening technologies that are available today," CDC Director Dr. Thomas R. Frieden said during a press conference, which was held to announce the new findings.

"We are encouraged by increases in colon cancer screening rates over the years," he added.

Frieden thanked CBS News anchor Katie Couric for bringing the attention of the people toward the disease in 2004. Couric lost her husband Jay Monahan to colon cancer in 1998 and her on-air colonoscopy had played a big role in highlighting the disease and the test.

“Nevertheless, there is a lot more progress we could make with colon cancer screening. There are more than 20 million Americans between the ages of 50 and 75 who need to be screened, who have not been screened. If they were [screened] that would save thousands of deaths per year," noted Frieden.
So again, not enough people are getting the tests? What about Brest Exams?

Talking about breast cancer, Frieden said that the breast cancer screening rates have leveled off of in recent years. "We know that mammography does prevent breast cancer and prevent the spread of breast cancer and saves lives, so we want to see that continue to increase," he said.
But WAIT? Remember this? Back on November 22, 2009 OPNTalk - Pap Smears Now Not Important?

This is not only insane, but extremely reckless and places Women in extreme risk. But it IS to be expected. What is it? It is the new Government study that says, forget what you have been told for YEARS, do not get a Mammogram.

I'm not kidding. As you have all heard by now I'm sure, a Government panel of Doctors and Scientists put together by Obama and Crew, concluded that getting Mammograms as early as Forty often leads to "too many false alarms and unneeded biopsies without substantially improving Women's odds of survival."

That's right folks. Unneeded tests. These test cost money you know. They want our Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters, to wait until age Fifty. Then they recommend they only get them every two years. The Mammograms that is.

Self Breast exams? Forget it. It does nothing. It just works you up if you think you find something. Of course, if you stupid Women think you find a lump, then the next thing you know, you will be asking for those expensive tests.

But what did we also learn on Friday? Pap Smears. Yeah, they are no longer important either.

Pap smears may no longer be called "annuals" if doctors follow new cervical cancer screening recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

A new recommendation from experts suggests women need fewer pap smears.The group announced today that women should start getting cervical cancer screenings at age 21 instead of 18, and that women could wait longer between the screenings -- regardless of when a woman starts having sex.

Women in their 20s with normal Pap smear results now should get screenings every two years instead of every year, and women in their 30s can wait three years between screenings, according to the new ACOG guidelines.
OK. Let's go back. I reported to you THIS. Reckless And A Sign of Things To Come With Obamacare I said this.

When did Libs start Hating on Women? Are Women just to expensive for Obamacare? Is THAT what the issue is? According to this Video Clip over at Good Morning America - New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines: No More 'Annual' Pap Smears, the Doctor talking admits that this IS signs of things to come. That it WILL be all about cost, and NOT health. By the way, I have been told that THIS is in the Bill also.

So just the fact that both of these new recommendations and new Guidelines are in the Senate Bill tells us that they have been in the works for a while. This is not new. This is something that they have come up with that they think will cut costs. I believe that them releasing these new Guidelines now, is a sort of test, to see how they would be accepted, prior to you finding out that they are in the Bill. So, LET THEM KNOW!

You stupid Women out there. With your Mammograms and Pap Smears, you are just costing to much money. What is wrong with you? Forget what you have been told for years. Forget all those Women you might know that are alive today BECAUSE of these "unnecessary and costly tests." We know better now. You need not worry yourselves as much. Just do what you are told and you will be fine. Besides, you do not want some strange man looking between your legs or feeling up your Boobs anyway. Right? You see, we are trying to help you out.

Time to let your Senators KNOW, beyond ANY Doubt whatsoever, you do NOT want Obamacare. You do not want to be told you can't get LIFE SAVING tests whenever you chose to do so. Let them know, that this seems to be an attack on Women's health, and it is NONE of the Government's Business what you and your Doctor decides to do. 2010 is coming folks. We have to STOP this madness once and for all.
So which is it? Real Scientist and Real Doctors are saying that THOUSANDS could be saved every year if they only got prescreened. If only they had Early Tests and Early Detection. Yet, Obamacare says "Never mind all that. These tests are just unnecessary and costly. Remember, Kathleen Sebelius even had to issue a Press Release saying, "uh, just do what you have been doing." But you will not be able to if Obamacare says NO. It's in there folks. No need for all these tests. Yet, we know the TRUTH.

USA News Week - Breast, Colon Cancer Screening Rates Rising, Says Reports
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