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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Obama Sues Arizonia Over Votes

Purely Political.

Hey folks,

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. With 6 active Lawsuits already in the courts over Arizona's Illegal Alien Law, and YES, this is what they are, why is the Federal Government bringing a seventh? VOTES!!! The same reason the Loons do ANYTHING. To attempt to retain Power, Control, and of course, all the money.

First, this IS what they are. They are NOT Immigrates. They are not Undocumented Workers. It doesn't matter if they come from Mexico, Jamaica, Russia, even Quebec. If they do not go through the process, they ARE Illegal Aliens. The very first thing they do on our soil is commit a CRIME. They have no rights. They do not even have the RIGHT to be here. They need to be caught, and deported. Plain and simple.

It IS the Federal Government's Job to protect Americans from all threats, foreign and Domestic. Yeah I know, Our biggest threat right now sits in the highest office in the land. But that is another post. But it IS the Federal Government's Job. What if they decided to stop enforcing laws regarding Bank Robbery? After all, the Bank Robbers are only looking for a better life. If the State still enforced the Law, would Obama Sue them?

Let's leave aside for a second, the criminal impact, which is VERY predominate in boarder States. From Home Invasions, Rapes, Murders, Drunk Driving Deaths, ETC., and lets just look at the COST of Illegal Aliens on the State level.

Arizona has a budget gap of 2.4 Billion. They spend 2.5 billion on illegal Aliens. Yup. That means if there were none, they would have a Budget SURPLUS. California? They have a gap of 19.6 BILLION. The are upside down big time. We already knew this. But how much do you think the spend on Illegal Aliens? 21.7 BILLION! Check out YOUR State here.

Folks, it really is simple to understand. Without having to spend all this money, that these States do not have, on those here Illegally, they would have surpluses in their budgets to take care of their own CITIZENS.

But you see, Obama and the Loons KNOW they lost the majority of YOU. Real Americans. They know that they even lost the Moderates that lean Left. Reid? Toast. Pelosi? Toast. Their power and control. Gone. In like 5 months, they are facing the same unemployment lines they created. Do not worry, they have enough money. It will not effect them that much. But they can not loose the Power and Control. That is why they do ANYTHING they do.

So WHY is Obama and Crew suing Arizona? There are already six active Lawsuits. A Judge, somewhere, at some time will rule on this. They are doing it for the ability to be able to say, "See, we love you. We fought for you. Vote for us. If you do not keep us in power, those evil Racist Republicans will round you up and throw you out of this country. We will give you Amnesty." So the simple fact is, Obama is suing Arizona for Votes. There is no other way to look at this. They do not really care about them. It is conspiracy, not compassion. It is self preservation, not because they care. They NEED the Votes. They NEED Amnesty. But Amnesty is kind of hard to achieve if States like Arizona and others start actually doing the RIGHT thing and the American People get excited about it.

As for enforcing the law can't be done? A bunch of B.S. Look at the mass exodus of illegals in Arizona just after Brewer signed the Bill into Law. She didn't send Boots out on a hunt. The Law is not even in effect yet. Yet, it worked. They are leaving on their own. It CAN be done. How many left on their own with Operation "Wetback?" It really CAN be done if our Federal Government WANTED to enforce our Laws. The problem is not that it can't be done, the problem is, they do not want to do it. They NEED the Votes. They can not afford NOT to push Amnesty. Problem is, the States can not afford NOT to push back.

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