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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th, Amnesty, Obama Prolonging Oil Spill

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Hey folks,

Welcome to the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Glad you could stop by. First thing is first, it's Independence Day. I just posted the Declaration of Independence. Please take a moment to actually read it. Too many Americans have never read it. They have no idea what it actually means. What the true intentions of our Founding Fathers really was.

It's all about FREEDOM. It's all about Independence from Tyranny. I also just posted a transcript of Obama's Amnesty pitch, uh, I mean, Immigration Reform Speech. Told you so. They are pushing this perhaps even more than Cap and Tax, yet this is still very much alive and well also. More on that in a second. But they NEED the Votes.

Take a few seconds to read both, and see the contrast. Oh, and by the way. The Statue of Liberty is NOT a beacon of Immigration. She is NOT holding the torch to light the way of new Immigrates. She is a symbol of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, and she is stepping forward to shine the Light of Freedom and Independence out into the World. Obama really needs better History Teachers.

Coming right up.

Today is Independence Day.
Transcript Obama Immigration Reform 070110
Fountain Of Youth Is In The Blood?
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OK. This Oil Spill. This is getting patently absurd now. Now we have the biggest ship of it's kind, in all the World, here to help. Where is it? Docked for the Weekend to run tests.
Gulf of Mexico cleanup crews working to block millions of gallons of oil from reaching land may soon have a giant on their side, if a weekend test of a new skimmer goes well.
{Sigh} Folks, Country after Country are lining up to help. We accept the offer from a few, in limited capacity, and deny the request of many others. Private people are turned away, or harassed, this new Monster of a Ship sits. Obama and Crew are NOT stupid. They may be idiots, but not stupid. So therefore there really is only ONE explanation, they are prolonging this as long as possible. This way, in their minds, the longer this goes on, the worse it gets, the more of YOU will be on board with Cap and Tax.

But it IS Independence Day today, food, Family, fun. Be safe out there folks. Do not Drink and Drive. The police will be out in droves. Do not blow anything off your body. Be right back.

AP Green - Giant oil skimmer being tested in Gulf of Mexico

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