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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lame Duck Hail Mary's No Big Sunday 071810

Preview for Sunday 071110

Hey folks,

Welcome to the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Glad to have ya. First a quick note. There will be NO Big Sunday Edition next week, July 18, 2010. This is because July 19, 2010 is my Son, Joshua's 5th Birthday. We have a BIG Weekend planned as of course, THAT will be where all my attention is going to be. Looking forward to friends and family, fun, and fun. But that's NEXT week. Coming up today?

$500K Donated to Ariz. To Defend Law
Ex-Official Accuses Justice Department of Racial Bias in Black Panther Case
But Obamacare says "Do Not Worry About Cancer Tests"
DLA For Sunday 071110
IWA For Sunday 071110

All that in just a few minutes. First, what did I tell you? The Loons are throwing a blitz of Hail Mary's, hoping to complete at least a couple of them. Just flood the American people with so much insanity, that they are bound to miss some other things that they are trying to do. The Wall Street Journal has a GREAT piece on this. According to the WSJ - The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy Union 'card-check,' cap and trade, and so much more..

Democratic House members are so worried about the fall elections they're leaving Washington on July 30, a full week earlier than normal—and they won't return until mid-September. Members gulped when National Journal's Charlie Cook, the Beltway's leading political handicapper, predicted last month "the House is gone," meaning a GOP takeover. He thinks Democrats will hold the Senate, but with a significantly reduced majority.
I'm not so sure that they will hold the Senate. But time will tell. Of course they know they are toast. They are legislated AGAINST the Will of the People. The People have told them so.

The rush to recess gives Democrats little time to pass any major laws. That's why there have been signs in recent weeks that party leaders are planning an ambitious, lame-duck session to muscle through bills in December they don't want to defend before November. Retiring or defeated members of Congress would then be able to vote for sweeping legislation without any fear of voter retaliation.

"I've got lots of things I want to do" in a lame duck, Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D., W. Va.) told reporters in mid June. North Dakota's Kent Conrad, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, wants a lame-duck session to act on the recommendations of President Obama's deficit commission, which is due to report on Dec. 1. "It could be a huge deal," he told Roll Call last month. "We could get the country on a sound long-term fiscal path." By which he undoubtedly means new taxes in exchange for extending some, but not all, of the Bush-era tax reductions that will expire at the end of the year.

In the House, Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, told reporters last month that for bills like "card check"—the measure to curb secret-ballot union elections—"the lame duck would be the last chance, quite honestly, for the foreseeable future."

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, chair of the Senate committee overseeing labor issues, told the Bill Press radio show in June that "to those who think [card check] is dead, I say think again." He told Mr. Press "we're still trying to maneuver" a way to pass some parts of the bill before the next Congress is sworn in.

Other lame-duck possibilities? Senate ratification of the New Start nuclear treaty, a federally mandated universal voter registration system to override state laws, and a budget resolution to lock in increased agency spending.

Then there is pork. A Senate aide told me that "some of the biggest porkers on both sides of the aisle are leaving office this year, and a lame-duck session would be their last hurrah for spending." Likely suspects include key members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Congress's "favor factory," such as Pennsylvania Democrat Arlen Specter and Utah Republican Bob Bennett.
14 TRILLION dollars in debt, and all these Idiots can do is spend MORE money.

Conservative groups such as FreedomWorks are alarmed at the potential damage, and they are demanding that everyone in Congress pledge not to take up substantive legislation in a post-election session. "Members of Congress are supposed to represent their constituents, not override them like sore losers in a lame-duck session," Rep. Tom Price, head of the Republican Study Committee, told me.
They haven't been representing their Constituents for YEARS.

It's been almost 30 years since anything remotely contentious was handled in a lame-duck session, but that doesn't faze Democrats who have jammed through ObamaCare and are determined to bring the financial system under greater federal control.
They are right, they do not care. You have to give this reporter credit. He IS telling you the truth here.

Mike Allen of reports one reason President Obama failed to mention climate change legislation during his recent, Oval Office speech on the Gulf oil spill was that he wants to pass a modest energy bill this summer, then add carbon taxes or regulations in a conference committee with the House, most likely during a lame-duck session. The result would be a climate bill vastly more ambitious, and costly for American consumers and taxpayers, than moderate "Blue Dogs" in the House would support on the campaign trail. "We have a lot of wiggle room in conference," a House Democratic aide told the trade publication Environment & Energy Daily last month.

Many Democrats insist there will be no dramatic lame-duck agenda. But a few months ago they also insisted the extraordinary maneuvers used to pass health care wouldn't be used. Desperate times may be seen as calling for desperate measures, and this November the election results may well make Democrats desperate.
They are liars folks. They Lie all the time. But it should be interesting to watch. Let's hope the Republicans can block the most insane of the Agendas.

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