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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obama TO Judges "Screw You"

You might say Obama to EVERYONE, "Screw You" 156,000 new unemployed?

Hey folks,

Told you these Idiot had the mentality of Three Year Olds. "Mommy Mommy, we want to do this." Mommy: No. "WAH!!! Daddy, Daddy, we want to do this." Daddy, No. "Wah Wah!!! Well, we are going to do it any way."

First, they said No Drilling. A Judge said, No. If they were about to put over 156,000 people out of work, "Skyrocket" energy costs for all, and make the country LESS Safe and more dependant on Foreign companies, they needed to PROVE that there was a real reason to do so. Basically, you do not ground all Planes, and ban all Airlines, just because ONE went down.

Obama said, "Screw you, we will appeal." New Judge said, No. If they were about to put over 156,000 people out of work, "Skyrocket" energy costs for all, and make the country LESS Safe and more dependant on Foreign companies, they needed to PROVE that there was a real reason to do so.

Obama said "Screw YOU TOO. We'll just do another one."

WASHINGTON -- Rebuffed twice by the courts, the Obama administration is taking another crack at a moratorium on deep-water drilling, stressing new evidence of safety concerns and no longer basing the moratorium on water depth. But those who challenge the latest ban question whether it complies with a judge's ruling tossing out the first one.

The new order does not appear to deviate much from the original moratorium, as it still targets deep-water drilling operators but defines them in a different way.
AND they want the other decision thrown out completely.

The Justice Department said Monday it will file a motion with the U.S. District Court seeking a dismissal of that case, because the old moratorium is no longer operative, making the challenge moot. The department also will ask the appeals court to set aside Feldman's order of last month.
Now why would they do that? What is the point? AH, because they do not want THIS.

Carl Rosenblum, a lawyer for the plaintiffs who sued to block the moratorium, said they are reviewing the new moratorium and "we have substantial concerns about its consistency with Judge Feldman's order." He wouldn't elaborate or say if they planned to challenge it in court.
They better. EVERYONE should Sue Obama over this. The Oil Companies. 156,000 people that loose their jobs. The STATES that collect royalties. YOU, who's energy costs WILL Skyrocket.

These Idiots are most definitely guilty of "Criminal Stupidity." That's being stupid in a Smart Zone. ONE accident of it's kind in 60 years. ONE. 3000 plus Rigs out there Drilling. 60 years. ONE Accident? Obama: "SHUT IT ALL DOWN!!!! We need to know the dangers of Off Shore Drilling!!!"

Some Rigs have already left. Others are about to. Why? They can not afford to sit idle. So why six months? Who will sit around doing nothing for six months? No one. They will all go somewhere else, and Drill FOR someone else. There will be no one left when Obama decides to lift the Ban and then he can say "Hey, it's not my fault. I lifted the Ban. Those big bad Oil companies have abandoned you. Uh, yeah. Blame them, not me. If that doesn't work for ya, uh, blame Bush."

Here is some TRUE information that you may not know. Jack Gerard, President of API {American Petroleum Institute} tells us this.

The 33 now idle deepwater drilling rigs in the Gulf have passed thorough government inspections and are ready to be put back to work. The industry has been working extremely hard on all fronts to enhance safety-and will continue to do so. And the government has already imposed significant, additional safety requirements that are supported by the industry. A resumption of drilling would proceed only under the most intense and vigilant oversight.

80 percent of the oil and 45 percent of the natural gas produced in the Gulf come from deepwater areas. The 20 most prolific producing blocks in the Gulf are located in deepwater. Deepwater is indispensable to a strong and secure energy future, and the moratorium makes that future uncertain.
It is that uncertainty that is making some leave. Again, they are not going to sit around at about a cost of a million dollars a day, doing NOTHING. They will go somewhere else. 33 Rigs have passed the Regime's inspection, yet they can STILL do nothing.

The one thing that there is NO uncertainty about is this. Everyone agrees. Even the Obama Regime. Billions will be lost in revenue. 150,000 plus Jobs will be lost. YOUR Energy costs, including Gas for your vehicles, and the price to heat your home, have electric, and the cost of EVERYTHING in the Stores, WILL skyrocket beyond somes ability to pay. There is no doubt about that. It WILL happen under this Regime's Leadership. Under Obama's Drilling Ban.

It's time to spank these Brats. YOU need to put them over your knee in November. Problem is though, unlike Obamacare, Cap and Tax, and other insane agenda items, this is not one that can be simply undone by reversal. Problem is, once these companies move on, it may take YEARS to bring them back, and get the prices back down. Once they are gone, they may be gone for good. Which seems to be Obama's goal to begin with. Someone needs to stop this, and stop it NOW.

The Washington Post - Gov't hopes new drilling moratorium can survive
API - Jack Gerard, President, New Offshore Drilling Moratorium Issued

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