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Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Immigration Lawsuit Possible

"If we do not get our way, we'll do it again"

Hey folks,

Happy Monday to ya. Yeah, it's Monday. Did you catch what Eric Holder said on "Face the Nation?" Attorney General Eric Holder, appearing with host Bob Schieffer from the Aspen Ideas Festival, said this.

"The solution that the Arizona legislature came up with is inconsistent with our federal Constitution. It is the responsibility of the federal government to decide immigration policy."
Well we all know that the ten page Arizona Law simply tells the Police to ENFORCE the Federal Immigration Law. In essence, DO the job that the Federal Government is NOT doing. There is nothing Illegal or Unconstitutional about it. Here is a sign that they know they will most likely lose.

"We wanted to go out with what we thought of our strongest initial argument and to focus on what we thought is the most serious problem with the law as it now exists."
Holder then suggested a second lawsuit on Racial Profiling grounds could be possible if the first Suit fails. "Screw the Judge. If we get another busy body Judge that doesn't understand that what we want we get, we'll just Sue again." These people are like three year olds. They really are.

Meanwhile in the New York Times - Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration

BOSTON — In a private meeting with White House officials this weekend, Democratic governors voiced deep anxiety about the Obama administration’s suit against Arizona’s new immigration law, worrying that it could cost a vulnerable Democratic Party in the fall elections.
{Laughing} "Yeah, and we will do it again if we fail the first time. So what. Screw you too. We will get what we want. We do not care about your sorry butts. We care about us and OUR agenda. We do not care if you are thrown out with us."

They do not care about Immigration. They care about VOTES. They do not care about Governors. They do not believe in State Rights to begin with. They want to be in charge of EVERYTHING. The ability to dictate to the states what they are going to or NOT going to do. State Rights get in the way of that. They do not care about YOU. They want your Votes, but it's their agenda that drives them. Their Insane Ideology that has them Governing again the Will of the People. Do you really think they care about Governors?

A message from Obama through Eric Holder, to, America.

"Let me be clear. For those of you who are concerned about Gitmo? Screw you. We do not have time to worry about that. The War? Screw you. We will not be saddled with the defeat anyway. We will just Blame Bush for getting us there to begin with. To those losing homes and Jobs? Screw you. It takes a lot of work establishing a Dictatorship. Obama is going on Vacation because he is getting tire. You can not possibly understand how hard this all is. We do not care about you losing your jobs, or your homes. We'll just send you a check so you can sit home and shut your mouth. We have a State to Sue you know. The Oil Spill? Screw you. We do not want this resolved. The longer it goes on, the better for us. We want more power and control. We want Cap and Tax.

All you ignorant people and States out there, just know your role and shut your mouth. WE are in charge. Play along with us and we'll give you some money. Get in our way, and we will come after you. What Obama wants, he will get. Stop interfering in our agendas. Finally, to the Judge and the Appeals Court? Screw you too. We'll just issue another Drilling Moratorium. We will stop the Drilling, ALL Drilling. We do not care what you say. To the Judge over seeing our Lawsuit against Arizona, you better do the right thing here. If not, we'll just Sue again.

The sooner you all know your Roles, and stay the hell out of our way, the better it will be for all. We are smarter than you. We know what is best for you. Those of you who do not agree? Screw You."

But that IS what their actions are actually saying. Make not mistake about it. November is coming. It will be your turn. Your turn to look them in the eyes, and say "Screw YOU!"

NYT - Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration

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