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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Islamic Terrorists, Really?

Hey folks,

I know, I know, it’s Sunday. It should be the lighter side of the OPN. But I have to talk about this. Yes, fret not, we will have the H. S. And IWA coming up. First up though, is this breaking story of four arrested in a terrorist plot. According to Reuters-Four charged in plot to blow up JFK airport By Chris Michaud Sun Jun 3

Four people, including a former member of Guyana's parliament, have been charged with planning to blow up New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, U.S. officials said on Saturday.

This was "one of the most chilling plots imaginable," Roslynn Mauskopf, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said at a news conference in New York. "The devastation that would be caused ... is just unthinkable."

The plotters sought to blow up the airport's jet fuel tanks and part of the 40-mile (64-km) pipeline feeding them from New Jersey. Three of the four suspects, who included a former airline cargo handler, have been arrested, federal law enforcement officials said.

In a recorded conversation one suspect predicted there would be few survivors and that the attacks would result in the destruction of "the whole of Kennedy."

There was no connection to al Qaeda, officials said, but some suspects were linked to an Islamist extremist group in Trinidad.

{Laughing} They cannot deny it folks. {Uh, no connection to Al Qaeda the bad guys, but, uh, oh hell, OK they are Islamofacists}

In one recorded conversation, a suspect compared the plot to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, saying, "Even the twin towers can't touch it." He added, "This can destroy the economy of America for some time."

AL- QAEDA! But there is no way they would attack us here again. We need to just leave them alone and they will leave us alone. {Sigh} WRONG.

News of the foiled plot comes weeks after six suspected Islamist militants were detained on charges of planning to attack a U.S. Army base at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Get this

Officials said the plot began in the United States and spread to Trinidad and Guyana. Mershon said the cell had shown unusual persistence, seeking finance and expert advice and gathering photographic and video surveillance as well as satellite photographs.

"This is a very determined group," he said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the plot was "different in its distinct ties to the Caribbean, a region that is rarely thought of in terms of terrorism but of increasing concern to us as a crucible in the foment of Islamic radicalism."

White House spokeswoman Jeanie Mamo said President George W. Bush had been briefed and updated regularly on the progress of the investigation. "This case is a good example of international counterterrorism cooperation," she said.

Yes but there will be some that will attack it. They are idiots, but there will be. "Did we us illegal wire taps?" "Did we treat them unfair?" "Did we profile them?" You know, the normal Anti-American, anti-freedom Liberal garbage.

Among the three suspects arrested since Friday was Russell Defreitas, a U.S. citizen and native of Guyana who was arrested in New York. Authorities said he was a former airport employee who conducted surveillance for the group, using his knowledge of the site to identify targets and escape routes.

"Any time you hit Kennedy, it is the most hurtful thing to the United States," Defreitas said in one recorded conversation. "To hit John F. Kennedy, wow ... they love John F. Kennedy like he's the man ... if you hit that, this whole country will be mourning. You can kill the man twice."

Moron. But this is how they think. According to AFP-Islamic suspects charged in alleged JFK airport terror plot by Luis Torres de la Llosa

Four suspected Islamic extremists from South America and the Caribbean faced charges Sunday over an alleged terrorist plot to bomb fuel tanks and pipelines at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

The four -- including Abdul Kadir, a former member of Guyana's parliament -- have been charged over the plot, which officials said had links to international terrorist cells in the Western Hemisphere but was thwarted well before it could be carried out.

"Had the plot been carried out, it could have resulted in unfathomable damage, deaths, and destruction," US Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf said, telling reporters in New York the plan was "one of the most chilling plots imaginable."

Glad we stoped these people. But there will be some not happy with it. Watch and see. But it seems to me that once again, our Anti-Terrorist policies and procedures worked to keep us safe. It seems to me that those "rare" extremist in the Muslim religion are not so rare. It also seems to me, that they WILL attack us again here, even if we DID leave them alone.

Folks we are in a war. Our enemy wants us dead. This is just another example why we must NOT just give up and surrender. Period. We have to win this war. We have to defeat these enemies. Or we will lose another mass number of innocent American lives.


Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

Hey Mullah Cimoc,

Welcome to the OPN.

OK, I have an honest question for you, if you are brave enough to actually have a conversation.

Why do you hate America so much? Just an honest question. Maybe you can educate me. You may be surprised. I may agree with you. Who knows?

So instead of just a little hit and run, why not answer the question? Maybe we can learn from each other. Why do you hate America?

irishgodfather said...

Pete looks like a camel got his tongue.
I think he or she is just another nut case.