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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dems Ignore Truth. Well, OK, Duh.

Hey folks,

The Dems are continuing to lie about the war. They are continuing to attempt to cause America to lose. According to the AFP-Iraq surge a failure, top Democrats tell Bush

Top US congressional Democrats bluntly told President George W. Bush Wednesday that his Iraq troop "surge" policy was a failure, as the Pentagon submitted a report saying early results of the strategy were mixed.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi challenged the president over Iraq by sending him a letter ahead of a White House meeting later on Wednesday.

The escalation "has failed to produce the intended results," Reid and Pelosi wrote, saying that the larger US force "has had little impact in curbing the violence or fostering political reconciliation.

"It has not enhanced America’s national security. The unsettling reality is that instances of violence against Iraqis remain high and attacks on US forces have increased.

"In fact, the last two months of the war were the deadliest to date for US troops."

OH, the Traitors have spoken, we better just surrender now. Do you believe this garbage? Remember I told you that as 08 gets closer, they will do and say ANYTHING to attempt to end this war before what they see is them taking over. They WANT America to surrender so they can use it politically against President Bush, in turn, against the Republicans. Beside all that, they do not want to deal with it themselves. They do not want the responsibility. Look for more pointless and vetoed bills.

Pelosi and Reid also told Bush that they planned to send him new legislation to "limit the US mission in Iraq, begin the phased redeployment of US forces, and bring the war to a responsible end." {Sigh}

Meanwhile, according to USA Today-Petraeus says security crackdown working

BAGHDAD — When Gen. David Petraeus drives through the streets of Iraq's capital, he sees "astonishing signs of normalcy" in half, perhaps two-thirds of Baghdad.

"I'm talking about professional soccer leagues with real grass field stadiums, several amusement parks — big ones, markets that are very vibrant," says Petraeus, commander of the roughly 150,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. The scenes provide a sign that the new strategy in Iraq is working, although many problems remain, he told USA TODAY in an interview Wednesday.

Five months after President Bush ordered an increase of 20,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, data suggest that sectarian violence in Baghdad has declined. Other tentative signs of progress have included a rise in Iraqi army enlistments and some quality-of-life improvements such as fewer electricity blackouts in the capital.

Has violence continued? Yes. We are in a War. Have attacks increased? Not so much where the surge IS. But in area’s surrounding it, "easy targets" yes. They are getting desperate Because they are LOSING. The Surge is WORKING.

I have been talking with some of those that have just gotten back. You can hear some of these brave men and women on Talk Radio from time to time. They do not feel they are losing. They are THERE. The LWL {Left Wing Looneys in leadership} are NOT there. They do NOT care about the troops. You really want to know how it is going? Ask a Soldier.

Meanwhile, U.S. commanders have urged the American public not to pass judgment on the plan's effectiveness until after all U.S. troops are fully deployed. That is due to happen Friday. In September, Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker are to present a report on the plan's effectiveness to leaders in Washington.

Petraeus did not specifically say what subjects he might address in his evaluation. Here is a look at some of the changes in Iraq since February.

Possible signs of progress

Iraq's army. The Iraqi army currently has 152,500 trained and equipped soldiers, nearly 20,000 more troops than were on the rosters in January, according to the U.S. State Department. Another 20,000 soldiers will be added to the ranks this year, the U.S. military says.

The Army now has its own Iraqi-run basic training and leadership schools. "The Iraqi army has, in general, done quite well in the face of some really serious challenges," Petraeus says. "In certain areas it really is very heartening to see what it has done."

Anbar province. This area in the heart of the Sunni Triangle has been held up by the U.S. military as a model for Iraq. "The progress in Anbar has actually been breathtaking," Petraeus says.

Commanders credit much of the success to the U.S. military's decision to arm, train and organize Sunni provincial militias that have turned against al-Qaeda militants operating in the area.

"If you've got folks who say, 'Hey, this is my hometown, and I'm tired of the violence and if you simply train and equip me, I'll protect my hometown.' We ought to jump on that like a duck on a June bug," says Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Commanders elsewhere in Iraq are studying lessons that can be learned from Anbar, although Petraeus said that each area of Iraq has "unique circumstances." Anbar is mostly Sunni and does not have the volatile sectarian mix that stokes violence in other parts of the country.

Sectarian violence. The number of unidentified bodies found in Baghdad — an indicator of sectarian violence between Sunni and Shiite Muslims — dropped from a high of 1,782 in October to 411 in April, according to an Interior Ministry official who declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media.

The body count spiked to 726 in May. So far this month, the numbers are again on a "downward trend," Petraeus says. Although the bombing Wednesday of a major Shiite shrine in Samarra raises the risk of a new outbreak of sectarian violence, he says.

Really? I thought it wasn’t working? I thought there is increased violence? "The number of unidentified bodies found in Baghdad — an indicator of sectarian violence between Sunni and Shiite Muslims — dropped from a high of 1,782 in October to 411 in April" From 1,1782 to 411? Folks that is 1,1371 lives saved. That’s not progress?

Now we have a long way to go. Remember, President Bush already warned all of us that we may even see the bloodiest months to come. There is still a lot of concerns. Mostly on the Iraqis part. Their government being one of the biggest. We will not be there forever. It’s time for them to stand up and start taking over.

But to lie and continue to attempt to force surrender to the enemy is not the solution. Remember every time you hear the Traitors talking, they are driven by their agenda. When you hear a Soldier talking, they are talking from experience. I think I will listen to the Soldier.

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