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Monday, May 28, 2007

To All That Were, Are, and Ever Will Be.

Hey folks,

I am a proud American. I proudly stand and face the flag. I proudly stand and say the pledge. I proudly Stand wherever I am, when a Service Person walk by. In a restaurant, airport, shopping center, or even just down the street. I will stand.

I will look them in the eye, and see that so familiar look as they look back. I will stand silent until I know they are close enough to hear. Then I will simply say, "Thank You."

I thank them for their service to country, yes, this is true, but for ALL that they truly do.
We cannot know that look they have, unless we wore their boots, guns, and hat.

We cannot ever understand what it’s truly like, to be called up and asked to fight.
To be told you must kill, as they watch their friends and family die at the enemies will.

To watch their friend shed their blood, knowing that their turn may soon come.
To do something so small as push a button, and watch an entire town be forgotten.

To fight for what they know is right, yet to never sleep at night.
To be called Heros back at home, while they was blood from their comb.

Yes this is the life of a warrior. This is what they do.
We must never forget, that they do it to protect you.

The truth is folks, I stand when I see a Service Person. I shake their hand. I do not care who they are, where they are from, what faith they follow. When they wear that uniform, they are one. They are a Soldier, a Warrior. One that has CHOSEN to take it upon themselves to do whatever it takes., to pay whatever the price, to keep me safe.

To all those that came before. To all those that sign up today, knowing they maybe required to give the ultimate sacrifice. To all the families that stand behind and proudly support them. This proud American says THANK YOU!

Happy Memorial Day to you all. Gods bless you and keep you safe.

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