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Friday, May 04, 2007

More Evidence, You Get It Here First.

Hey folks,

It’s Friday! I do not have that much time today, but I wanted to point out a fact. I get this question, in different forms, from time to time here. "Why do you just repeat Conservative talking points?" the answer is always the same. I do not simply repeat talking points. Here is more proof that sometimes you will hear me say something others are saying, and sometimes you get it here first.

If there is big news, or something of importance, of course everyone is talking about it. Of course like minded people will be talking about and even seem to sound just like each other, when discussing a top story. So what am I referring to today? George Soros.

A friend of mind asked me yesterday, "Did you hear Bill OReilly on the radio today?" I said no, I did not even know if I could hear him here in Sunny Florida. My friend told me I could and where to find him, then said, "He did a whole thing on how Soros is dangerous and the fact he owns the media. He seems to be attempting to BUY the next President."

Folks, I have been telling you for a LONG time that there was a Mass Media Guru. Do a search here and you will find a lot of references to that. I told you they write what they are told to write. Back on October 20, 2006, I wrote this.

Getting Closer To Unmasking The Mass Media Guru.

Hey folks,

That’s right. Just 18 days away from the elections, are we are ever so close to unmasking the Mass Media Guru. I have mentioned him for a while. Actually, on June 9, of this year I said,

"As I’ve said before, I’m sure that there is a mass media drones guru behind the curtain, giving out the word or phrase of the day. Actually, I like that, mass media drones {MMDs} Today the magic word is multiple 500 pound bombs. The guru wants them to use this as much as possible to put the image of a massive, over needed, use of force against a house. Then he wants them to conjure up the imagine that there is some kind of cover up. Then on top of that, make sure that you throw in there, innocent people dying."

I have given many examples. Like their use of "Towel snapping", "Collective Punishment." "Katrina", and my all time favorite, if there was any doubt, it was done away with "Political Jujitsu." September 8,

"Oh and the Guru word of the day seems to be "jujitsu", for those that might have missed that. Over and over again, in various outlets, "jujitsu" seems to be the definition of the President’s announcement. But no, they do not work together."

Now Rush Limbaugh has never believed this. He has always said,

"Now, I have said in the past, long ago, in discussing media bias, that I don't think that the old media and the drive-bys got together and had their conference calls in the morning to decide what news was going to be and how it was going to be reported, what wasn't going to be news and all that, I said because they don't have to. They basically think the same, they see things the same, and I think if they do get together it's in the bar after work over adult beverages where such unified phrases as gravitas and other things happen to spread throughout the Drive-By Media."

But I have been right this whole time. Rush pointed out to me, and everyone else in his listening audience yesterday, ABC’s "The Note." Guess what it says?

"The Old Media -- giddy with excitement over the prospect of the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Mehlman machine losing, filled with guilt over complicity in an Iraq war it wants ended, flush with anticipation over two years of anti-Bush leaks from a gavel-wielding Henry Waxman, and substantially more interested in revelations about congressional pages than in trying to tell voters the truth about whether or not the economy is strong and getting stronger -- can barely contain itself on its secret morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros, during which it was agreed just this morning that, yes, we can keep the meta-narrative ('The Democrats are going to beat Bush and run Congress!!') going for another 19 days, without interruption."

WAIT A SECOND!!! "secret morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros" The media is having morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros? Then it says, "during which it was agreed just this morning that, yes, we can keep the meta-narrative ('The Democrats are going to beat Bush and run Congress!!') going for another 19 days, without interruption." The media ADMITS that they get their walking orders from Howard Dean, and or George Soros? They ADMIT that they have an agenda to get the LWL in power?

If I had to bet, at least between these two, I would bet that, the little man behind the big black and white curtain is none other than George Soros. Could HE really be the MMD Guru? It makes sense.

Even Rush had to admit it yesterday. He said,

"But now, having read this from ABC's the Note, I'm obviously wrong. These people are obviously having conference calls with Democrat fund-raisers, policy makers, and the chairman of the Democrat National Committee to discuss the Democrat narrative and how the Drive-By Media can continue to carry it for 19 days uninterrupted. So I guess they are getting together. That's what this implies. Maybe I should better say, "That's how I infer this." The old media giddy with excitement over two years of anti-Bush leaks from a gavel-wielding Henry Waxman?"

Yes Rush. The MMD or as you would say, the "Drive By Media" do have a guru. His name might just be Soros. This is why Democrats and the LWL get away with ANY and EVERYTHING, while a Republican, with so much as of a hint on improprieties, front page news for an extended period of time. Foley is still in the news today.
18 days to go folks. Get Ready. Go Vote.

Also in January 23,2007, I wrote this. Dems To Be Controlled By Soros?

Do not bother checking the link to "The Note" they have since removed the article. Sean Hannity did a whole story on Sunday, linking Soros to Basically, he owns it. Just like a lot of others in the Mass Media. Make no mistake about it Soros IS dangerous. Just keep in mind, they report to you what and HOW they are told to. You got it here first.


samspade1120 said...

Not surprising I see examples of this on various forums. I see members who are getting their daily outrages straight from the DNC news letter or Media Matters with is nothing but a mouthpiece to echo George Soros.

Peter said... as well. it still amazes me that what a lot of people "know" is limited to what they hear in 20 minutes on the nightly news, or read in LWL controlled, Soros funded, papers and online outlets.

So many people seem to have forgotten how to use logic, and think for themselves.

I love when I ask a question to someone, and they just stop. They stand there and stare into space because their talking points didn’t cover the answer to the question I posed. They have no clue how to respond.

I have also seen some, that when they DO think for themselves, they start to see what REALITY is and start to see, how mislead they really were.

Nothing is worse to a Liberal than an informed and reformed Lib. One who has converted to the truth. They hate them more than they hate us. {Smile}

If more and more people in this country would just start thinking for themselves, we would be far better off.

As a side note, I cannot believe how many uninformed and ignorant people are actually on ETP. I knew there were some, but as I spend more and more time there, I see that there are a lot more than I thought. It is sad to me that some ACTUALLY believe some of this garbage that they are fed. Some of the stuff I have read there, forces me into a place where I just have to sit back and say WOW. Or just OK, and file it under, "There is just no category for this." and let it slowly seep out of my mind.

No offense Sam, but they seem to REALLY have problems with you. What did you ever do to agitate them so much? {Smile}

samspade1120 said...

Well I got down in the mud with them and started to use their playbook of insults and name calling. I employed their insults to family members of their families.

In fact I just had another one email and complain how unfair it of me to do exactly what they do to any they think are not out and out Bush haters.

I even went after those women who have employed name calling then want to fall back on you can not say to them what they say to you routine because they are women.

I have gotten very nasty when with those women who have been condoning the behavior of their fellow like minded individuals but are having a problem if those who do not belong to their club says something then it is unfair and unjust.

Right now I am being dogged by a couple of members who discourage everything I say and do the usual name calling.

However the up side of this is that posts that never would have seen the light of day are making it up to the top.

I do not say I agree with every post that makes it to the top but some of those are from people who really choose to see both sides and may come down on them as opposed to those who think that democrats are gods and any who disagree are the enemy.

I have wished in the past that those who do not belong to this "club" would rally together and join forces and then we would see actual debate rather than one of the leaders of the hate Bush club posting something and the comments will be yes we agree Bush is a rat etc

Peter said...

Thanks for explaining Sam

I was trying to figure it out. You are very Intelligent. Logical. Understand and have a full grasp on reality,,, OH, never mind. I should have figured that one out myself. We ARE dealing with the LWL after all. {Smile}