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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Am Disappointed.

Hey folks,

Yes, I am truly disappointed. Remember back on Friday February 23, 2007, I said this.

This statement by Prince Harry himself, is absolutely honorable. While we have some in this country that jump out windows, run away like the cowards they are. Protest Bush every step of the way. Make statements about cutting the legs and arms off our soldiers while claiming to support them, Call our troops all kinds of names. Here is the Prince of England, third to the throne, saying,

"There is no way I am going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country."

Now THAT is a true patriot. That is someone who, although does not have too, is willing to fight for his country. He could, if he chose, to sit in his nice comfy home, never a care in the world, and play armchair General, like so many cowards in this country.

He also will receive NO special protection. He DOESN’T want any.

Turns out I was wrong. Turns out that what some of you that told me, this is never going to happen, was right. As I was doing the "End of Day Roundup" last night, this came out. CNN Threats end Harry's Iraq mission

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Britain's Prince Harry will not serve in Iraq as a troop commander because of "a number of specific threats" against him, the UK's top general says.

A spokesperson for the 22-year-old prince says he is "very disappointed" by the decision.

Chief of the general staff Sir Richard Dannatt said Wednesday: "I have decided today that Prince Harry will not deploy as a troop commander with his squadron.

"I have come to this final decision following a further and wide round of consultation, including a visit to Iraq by myself at the end of last week," Dannatt said

"There have been a number of specific threats, some reported and some not reported. These threats exposed him and those around him to a degree of risk I considered unacceptable," he said.

REALLY? There has been threats in the middle of a war? I cannot believe that. People want to kill a big prize target of their enemy? REALLY? {Sigh}

They go on to say how disappointed he truly is. How sad. He is ROYALTY! If he truly wanted to go, he COULD force the issue. "NO, no, Pete. You cannot say that. Royalty is symbolism only today. He has no real power." I guarantee you he could shame the Government into letting him go if he chose to. If the Queen got involved? Well, maybe she did.

The AP put it this way. AP -Prince Harry will not serve in Iraq

Britain's army reversed course Wednesday and announced that Prince Harry will not be sent to Iraq with his regiment due to "specific threats" from insurgents that expose the third in line to the throne to an unacceptable degree of risk.

Harry had been expected to deploy to southern Iraq in the next few weeks but Army Chief of Staff Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt, who recently traveled to Iraq, said the situation there had become too dangerous and media scrutiny of the plans had exacerbated the situation.

OK, I’ll give them that one. The media probably did exacerbated the situation. They are constantly telling our enemy what we are planning on doing.

Media reports have said Iraqi insurgents planned to kill or kidnap the prince, and have circulated his photograph among militants in the southern city of Basra. One newspaper report quoted a militia leader saying he planned to take the prince hostage and to send him back to his grandmother — Queen Elizabeth II — "without his ears."

I believe this one hundred percent. Get this.

The decision to keep Harry out of Iraq could have a devastating impact on the morale of the British troops in the field, said Charles Heyman, a former British soldier and the editor of the book, "Armed Forces of the UK."

"Soldiers will say: 'If it's too dangerous for Prince Harry, then it's too dangerous for me. Is his life worth more than mine?' Well, from a political point of view, yes. But from a morale point of view the answer is no," Heyman said.

Imagine all through history, if some of our greatest Kings chose that it was too dangerous for them to fight? The greatest Kings in history held the sword in battle right next to their armies. Some became Kings through battle. They were warriors. Not just someone giving orders. Prince Harry was to follow in their foot steps. This would have solidified him as a warrior King to be. Who knows, it may have even jumped him up closer to the crown. The British would have fought like never before having Prince Harry leading the way. But now? The boy who would be King, is once again, just a boy.

I also said back on February 23.

There are quite a few people here in this country that could take lessons from this young Prince. Even some of our "so called" leaders would benefit from Prince Harry’s actions. He wants no special treatment on the battle field for fear of hurting troop moral. They want to cut funding to our troops, call our troops a failure, attack the Commander and Chief, and then turn around and say, "but we support you."

I have to say, I’m more proud of Prince Harry, than I am of some in my own country. I respect him greatly for doing this. While at the same time, some of our own make me sick with their cowardly ways.

I guest they learned from us, instead of the other way around. I am truly disappointed.

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