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Sunday, May 13, 2007

IWA for Sunday, 051307

Hey folks,

I just thought this one was amusing. You know that MySpace is huge and getting bigger all the time. If you’re a parent of a teenager, or even younger at that, there is a GREAT chance that they have a MYSpace account.

Now we have all heard, and commonsense tells us, that you have to be careful and keep a close eye on what your kids are doing, and where they are visiting on the internet. We have been told, and commonsense tell us, that you need to be careful of who they meet online. We know, through commonsense, that a 16 year old, has very little, commonsense. We all know that if a 16 year old says I want to have a party, you need to make sure that, that party is chaperoned. ESPECIALLY if you just happen to be a famous person.

This weeks winner? No commonsense. Annie Lennox's home destroyed in MySpace party.

Annie Lennox learned the perils of teenage daughters this weekend when dozens of gatecrashers assailed their $5.5 million London home.

OK, Does she NOT have security?

The Eurythmics singer is facing a sizeable repair bill following the weekend carnage, reports Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

What was intended as a small gathering of 30 friends, turned into a mass free-for-all after details of the party began circulating on MySpace.

Lennox’s daughter, 16-year-old Lola, invited her close school friends to the family home as her father, film producer Uri Fruchtman, was out of town.

And so? OK, OBVIOUS question. WHERE WAS Annie?

More than a hundred people showed up for the party, completely destroying the house.

Where was ANYONE!

Graffitied walls, broken furniture, ripped curtains and urine-soaked carpets was just some of the carnage facing the homeowners, reported the Daily Mail.

The party finally ended when neighbours intervened and the police arrived to disperse revellers.

A friend of the family reportedly told the newspaper Lola had been grounded indefinitely by her parents.

Was there underage drinking? Was anyone charged? I bet she is grounded, but there should be more important questions to answer.

Congratulation Anne Lennox, for your completely lack of commonsense, allowing this to happen, and apparently being too cheap to hire good security, you got what you deserve. You are also the winner of the Idiot of the Week award. Next time you allow your underage daughter to have a party, why not try playing a Disney movie. Maybe not as fun for the freeloaders, but less expensive.

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