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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Behind The OPN Screen, Nov. 19, 2006
Hey folks,

Time for another Behind the OPN Screen. Just sharing information and answering some questions. I have a lot to get to with the "return" of the "Just My Thoughts" and "IWA" segments today so I’ll get right to the questions. Again, these are questions I have gotten in various ways, that I share to help others understand that may have the same.

You can ALWAYS feel free to contact me and ask anything you want. You can do so be either Email, on the site itself, and if you know the number, you can even call me. I attempt to always be open and honest here. I will NEVER share private information, {Your name, Email, ETC.} unless I have your full permission to do so.


"I notice you put a nifty edit thing on the comments. Handy when someone does not agree with you huh?"

LOL. I knew people were going to take it this way. But the truth of the matter is that it is there for ONE reason and ONE reason alone, Spam. I had one company that continuously posted spam here posing as comments. I contacted them and told them to stop, they posted 5 more on the same article. So I put this in place to prevent that.

"I love the pictures. Where do you get them from?"

All over the place. Thanks. Since I started using the pictures, I see the articles as bare without them. I will continue to use them in the future.

"I notice from time to time, you receive comments from "real" people. I mean those that you are talking about. Like the Idiot thing. Can people read you elsewhere, or are you just here."

Good question. First I am exclusively here. Most of the time. {Smile} I do contribute to News Times Live and E The People . But those that comment here are because of the content here. Yes you are correct, the IWA is one of the most popular segments here at the OPN.

"Who is Sam? Is he a paid employee of the OPN or a friend or family member or what? What about Betty and Bethany?"

I thought I answered this already. But I checked the archives and did not see it. First ANYONE can and do post in the comment section. Bethany is a good friend and we have a relationship. Betty doesn’t like me enough to have a relationship with me. {Smile} and Sam? Sam is a friend. He is a brilliant writer at ETP and I have talked with him on various topics in the past both there and here. I have NEVER met him. I would consider him and friend of both me and the OPN.

The second part of the question, or really the first, I have answered SEVERAL times. NOONE gets paid here. I make not a penny here. I do it because I love it.

"Why do you always have to do the whole ‘I told you’ thing? That can be really annoying. Do you have to brag?"

LOL. It’s not bragging if it’s true, and I can back it up. Why do I do it? To let you know that the information you get here, is truthful, accurate, and for the most part, you hear it here first. I have a pretty good track record of being right. I’m just letting you know when it happens. I also find it funny from time to time when I say something here, and then it is out there, almost word for word. Not that anyone actually reads this.{Smile}

"OK Enough already. Why do you not just come out and say, ‘I’m a Conservative Republican" and be done with it? Why do you insist on lying, saying, ‘I’m an Independent.’ Why not just be honest?"

THAT is the million dollar question this time around. I will actually answer this in the "Just My Thoughts" segment, coming right up.

OK, that’s it this time around. Remember you can feel free to ask me anything you want. I will attempt to answer all of them in time. If you are just a Weekend OPNer, then I wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving and good luck with the "Black Friday" thing for those that do that.


Anonymous said...

my, my, you have been busy this week.I stop by on a chilly sunday afternoon and see MY name! WTF! I have been away to long and must go read the archives. Pete said that we have a relationship, this is true. I consider him do be my best friend ( you wouldn't know it by the way we bicker) maybe he could have used another way to define our friendship. The way he said it sounds kinda yucky to me. My relationship with Pete is that of friends,and maybe a little sibling like. We fight, we disagree about everything (except our kids) and I do not mean to say Pete is yucky but he is a guy and to use the word "relationship" when linking me to a guy is a bit odd to me.
And one more thing...

Pete, I love you but the archives await so expect an ass whoopin soon.
love ya,

Peter said...

LOL,,,Sorry Bethany.

Your right. I should have been clearer. Yes she is my Best friend and I do consider her like my twin sister. I'm older by 4 months, so I'm always right. {Smile}

I really didn't think about HOW I put it. But now that you have pointed it out, LOL Sorry.

Thanks for clarifing that up a bit. Talk to you soon.

Oh I'm waiting for the Thumping. I can probably even tell you where I'm going to get it from.

Love you too Bethany,