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Thursday, December 01, 2011

The REAL Reason That The OWS Is Being Broken Up

The reason that the Obama Run State Run MMD Won't tell you.

Hey folks,

Happy Thursday to ya. Hope you are well. I'm not. Again. Tis the Season. Feeling it again in my Chest. I don't get Colds anymore. When I get sick, I get SICK. Bronchitis and Pneumonia is all but expected. So Yesterday was spent pumping up my system with Vit C and Antioxidants, Sleep, and Prayers that it will pass. Today will be much the same. But here I am.

So some of you are wondering what happened. Why is there this movement all across America to break up the OWS Crowd? The Occupy Crowd. Why are the Governors and Police, who once supported them, now moving in to shut them down? The answer is simple folks. One that some of you will not like. The reason that the Obama Run State Run MMD Won't tell you. The reason is they are turning on Obama.

Remember back at the beginning. When Occupy Wall Street first started in NYC, the Media came out of the wood work. "This is the Liberal Tea Party Movement." This is REAL America. The Tea Party? "Nah, they are pointless. They are nothing. They are not a real Movement. But the OWS? They are the real deal." There were like 100 or 200 people at the time. But they were the real deal. This is what we were told.

Then the "Movement" grew. A small group here and there started popping up. Then we learned that MOST of there Idiots were being PAID $300 to $600 bucks a week to be there. Then we learn that some of the Marching orders came from the White House itself. Then we learned that they were being BUSSED in by Unions. Oh, there were real Protesters showing up. There really were. Problem is, they had NO IDEA why they were there. I remember when some News Guy asked one of the Protesters "Why are you here?" The Protester turned to his friend and said "Why are we here?" His friend said, and I kid you not, "Weed and Chicks Man!"

Then, in a vain attempt to appear legit, they come out with a list of demands. ALL of which were Patently Absurd. Forgive all debt, ETC. Tea Party Message? WE are in debt. STOP SPENDING. Get Government OUT of people's private lives. Follow the Constitution. OWS? Forgive all Debt, Obamacare, Outlaw Credit Reporting Agencies, Open Borders, Unions, ETC. EVERYTHING on the Liberal Agenda. Some of this might as well been written by the White House.

So what happened? More and more Americans started to see them as nothing more than a Joke. The Polling started going down like a rock falling in the water. Then the final straw? Some of the REAL Protesters, those not being paid, started to tell the TRUTH. They started to Blame OBAMA!!! Holding up signs and such. They are starting to hold Obama accountable. His policies. His agendas. HIM.

WAIT!!!! What? No! We can't have that. Break it up. Here we go. Want proof? Check this out. According to The New York Times - Occupy Protesters Mobilize for Obama’s Visit By MATT FLEGENHEIMER 10:06 p.m. Updated

More than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters marched to a Midtown hotel on Wednesday night to protest a fund-raising event for President Obama.

Escorted by police vehicles as they helped snarl traffic across the Times Square area, beginning at Bryant Park, the group settled in front of barricades on the southwest corner of 53rd Street and Seventh Avenue, in view of the Sheraton hotel at which Mr. Obama was expected to appear by 9 p.m.

Demonstrators held signs that leveled some of the Occupy protest’s most pointed criticism to date of the president. “Obama is a corporate puppet,” one said. “War crimes must be stopped, no matter who does them,” read another, beside head shots of President George W. Bush and President Obama.

One man, wearing a mask of the president’s face and holding a cigar, carried a sign that read, “I sold out!”
THAT is why folks. Obama doesn't want this. He wants them to blame the Millionaires and Billionaires. But now some of them, and for a while, some of them, are telling the truth. It REALLY IS Obama a Crew that are destroying America. Oh they attack Businesses that do not support Obama, but they protect those businesses that DO. "But Pete, don't you think that there is at least a possibility that Obama MAY be behind this as well?" Read on.

Ben Campbell, 28, one of the march’s organizers, said he hoped to prove to skeptics of the protests that the demonstrators were political critics of equal opportunity.

“President Obama is coming to town solely to raise money from the richest of the rich,” Mr. Campbell said.
But this is not how Obama and Crew, including the Mainstream Media Drones, they do NOT operate like this. They do not want ANY Criticism directed at Obama whatsoever. Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan? Did she die? Did she launch into Space? Fall off the Earth? No. She is still out there. We are still at War, Gitmo still open. Wiretaps still going on. Yet? The MMD actually told Cindy in the Beginning of Obama, "Just go away." Remember that?

No folks, we know that there was a conference call by Governors in the States were the Occupy Crowd has gathered, how the best way to break them up is. We learned that there may very well be a connection with the White House. Now the OWS Crowd is under attack. Why? Simple. They went off script. They started telling the Truth. They started ATTACKING Obama. If they know it or not, they ARE attacking Liberalism and all it's Ideas. Therefore, they now must go.

The New York Times - Occupy Protesters Mobilize for Obama’s Visit

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